Custom Control

Custom Control – El Demoniaco By The Beast Brothers

Introducing El Demoniaco, a one of a kind Misfortune Cat created by the talented twins, The Beast Brothers.

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Custom Control – Chauskoskis

Take a look behind the scenes of Chauskoskis’ new MUNNY set, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

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Custom Control – Skateboard Dunny By COOB Originals

COOB Originals has truly out done himself with his latest creation a custom skateboard 3-inch Dunny.

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Custom Control – HOG By The Beast Brothers

DS 2010 artists, The Beast Brothers get up close and personal with their new custom BUB known as HOG.

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Custom Control – The Lost Mage by Fplus

Fplus has divulged some rare behind the scenes pics of his new custom Mega MUNNY in this edition of Custom Control.

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Custom Control – Tater Titan By Irondog Studios

Ridiculous in every sense, the Tater Titan by Irondog Studios has got to be one of the most amazing customized toys ever!

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Custom Control – Boogie Santos

San Diego artist, Boogie Santos has some great process shots of his custom MUNNY, Toto, for this session of Custom Control.

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Custom Control – JonPaul Kaiser

In this segment of Custom Control, UK artist JonPaul Kaiser lets us take a peek into his studio for the creation of MUNNY MUNTH entry, Elijah Price.

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