Two for Tuesday with SE7EN and IGOR!

It is always refreshing to see artists take one of our platforms and redesign and break new grounds with the mold. It basically elevates it to the next level of creativity and just what the platform and artist is capable of. On that note, how about a Two for Tuesday on astonishing custom Dunnys by SE7EN [...]

Kustom Korner!

The bot-heads out there sure are having an amazing time customizing our Munnys and even some Dunny! Basically, they are elevating the platforms and making their artistic styles pop! Our robot brains can’t handle all this amazing art coming out by you fans, and to help alleviate this amazing artistic brain overload, we are going [...]

The MUNNY Game has Been Stepped Up!

Ever since we announced last week that MUNNY was back in stock in the Kidrobot online store, the MUNNY customs have been flowing like Del tha Funkee Homosapien before and after Hieroglyphics. The creativity and artistry have been stepped up with MUNNY. It doesn’t matter if you are a full time artist or the casual fan, MUNNY [...]


KIDROBOT’S POSITION ON “CUSTOMIZING” VS. “BOOTLEGGING” January 27, 2015 – Many folks have asked about Kidrobot’s position on “Customizing” vs. “Bootlegging” so we thought we’d set the record straight. When you customize a Kidrobot art toy, you show respect to Kidrobot by making a purchase of the original art toy and then altering, adding to [...]

Custom Showcase: The Bots!

Are you ready for more custom eye candy? We got cute, colorful, and amazing designs by The Bots!!! Over the years, Jen and tony Bot have been working hard designing and have a garnered a much deserved loyal fanbase. The pride and joy of many collections, this amazing duo is a strong force in the [...]

J★RYU and Vampy Customs for Retail and Web!

J★RYU and Vampy Customs for Retail and Web!

Kidrobot has teamed up with J★RYU and Vampy for  some incredible Kidrobot Store (and web!) customs just for you!

Apparel Release Event. L’Amour Supreme and Buff Monster x Kidrobot.

L’Amour Supreme X Kidrobot will finish what they started.  It all began at Project MVMNT in Vegas at Magic Market Week.

Custom Smorkin’ Labbit & Frank Kozik Mini Busts By JC Rivera

Custom Smorkin' Labbit & Frank Kozik Mini Busts By JC Rivera

Chicago artist JC Rivera salutes the king of smorkin’ Frank Kozik with some custom sculpted Goon Squad mini busts for the upcoming Kozik show at 1:AM Gallery in SF.

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