TADO Unleashes New Piggaphunts

TADO is set to unleash their new and lovable art toys, Pigga-Phunts.

The Wrong ‘Uns Exhibition By TADO At Rotofugi

Mike and Katie, the dynamic duo that make up TADO will be presenting a new solo exhibition, The Wrong ‘Uns at Rotofugi on November 12.

Cobbler Dunny London Signing Wrap Up

There were plenty of smiles and good cheer in Kidrobot London last night for the signing of TADO’s new 8-inch Cobbler Dunny.

New Early May Releases Available Now

TADO’s whimsical worker, 8-inch Cobbler DUNNY and cuddly cohort, TAKO!

TADO Signing At Kidrobot London Tomorrow

Don’t forget, tomorrow is the signing for the release of the new 8-inch Cobbler DUNNY by TADO.

Cobbler DUNNY Signing At Kidrobot London

This Thursday, May 6, TADO will be signing their new 8 inch Cobbler DUNNY at Kidrobot London.

Product Preview – Early May

Work and play go hand in hand for TADO’s Cobbler Dunny. Then wrap your arms around the cuddly TAKO from TADO’s Cannibal Funfair.

Lunartik Custom Tea Tour at Ik’sentrik in Bath, UK

Check out Lunartik’s Custom Tea Tour, featuring custom tea cups, at Ik’sentrik’s new store in Bath, UK

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