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Cobbler Dunny 8-inch

Work and play go hand in hand for TADO’s Cobbler Dunny. Limited to only 1500 made and retailing for $75 US (£65 UK; 75€ Europe), the 8-inch shoemaker brings his sunny demeanor to all Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on May 6.

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[nggallery id=139] TAKO Plush

TAKO Plush

Wrap your arms around the cuddly cephalopod from TADO’s Cannibal Funfair. Super soft and measuring 10-inches, this plush octo retails for $19.95 US (£18 UK; 20€ Europe) and arrives at all Kidrobot stores,, and select retailers on May 6.

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31 Responses

  1. Laszlo

    Design is nice but not great. $75 =£49 but this and the skwaks (which were better) were/ are £65. Might make this my 14th 8″ or might not. The kidmutant is cool. Everything can’t be great I suppose….

  2. Richie

    If you noticed ? the prices on the last couple of dunny's have been a bit out of the ball park. I was wondering ? if you realize the economy has changed for the better ? Guess again ! It hasn't !!! Jezzzz KR
    help a kid out ! Things are light right now ! I need some help to keep up with all these cool "F'n" toys. At 75 bucks thats more than a day of pay. :-(

  3. Marti

    Yeah I'll pass on this dunny too. They raised the prices to $75 last year at SDCC for Jessup's Lucky cat and magically the prices haven't come down. I guess they just decided to roll with it…

    The plush is cute though.

  4. Walt Srocki

    Yeah… I'd like to see something new in the Dunny line. Shake it up a little! Maybe with some new artists? The new, upcoming release, The Cobbler, is nice – but I'm not jumping up and down. And the limited run of 1500 for $75 is a little pricey.

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  6. A Sitting Duck

    Sweet Plush!, would love to sort out a "Candy The Magic Dinosaur" plush with Kidrobot :]

  7. Gavin

    nowhere near worth 75.00. These prices are really upsetting…'re losing me KR! Do something for the fans and lower the prices instead of being blatantly money grubbing. Also, MAKE A DOKTOR A 8 INCH!!!

  8. jonpaulkaiser

    Awesome, TADO are slaying it!!!
    Love both the Cobbler & the Tako.

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  11. dissapointed again

    Oh Wow TADO made a design that is cutsey, bright yellow and look faux wooden ears! –How about something new or is that not possible for $75?

    • Money grab... again.

      Agree. $75 for a run of 1500 seems really high. Especially for a rather plain figure with nothing really going on. Inflating prices just for the sake of it is getting pretty tiresome. It's a nice enough design for a 3"er but how about reserving the bigger dunnies for something different and special. Especially if you want people to be happy or comfortable paying such a stupid-high price. The Visell dunny was great value, IMHO. Even the oil slick dunnies were nice. But this and the gloomy dunny are just money grabs and weaken the platform and goodwill. At least they do for me. One collector's opinion.

      • Bergerbot

        yea i agree…i won't pay $75 for a dunny unless it completely flattened me by how cool it looks…that's why im sticking with KR Black…they are exclusive, awesome, and don't come out too often (so you can save up for the next one)

        • Money grab... again.

          I guess. I bought the first figure and enjoy it (though still don't see it being worth 100… but I don't feel bad having spent that either). But the next figure, the skull…. yikes. Obviously not every KR:B release is meant to be for everyone but I just cannot see that being a $100 or more figure. I'm sure others will love it, though. Thats what makes this such a great hobby I guess.

        • Money grab... again.

          lol what kind of question is that? i don't know. Don't usually time myself while I type. But I wouldn't guess more than 2 minutes – all button clicks included. What in the world does that have to do with anything though?

    • Jason

      what are you talking about? 75 bucks for this is ridiculous! no accesories, and a cheesy design. they could have atleast made the apron instead of painted it on for 75 bucks… this is ridiculous.