The Beast Brothers

SDCC 2011 Wrap Up – KidØlaf Signing With The Beast Brothers

The Beast Brothers turned up the techno yesterday at Kidrobot Booth 4529 for the epic release of Kidrobot KidØlaf 20.

Let The Mustache & Milkshake Party Begin!

Nothing goes down better after a good pillage than a milkshake!

SDCC 2011 Line Up – Day 1

The mustache and milkshake party begins on Thursday, July 21 with a special signing for The Beast Brothers new Kidrobot KidØlaf 20.

Go Behind The Scenes With The Beast Brothers

Let the mustache and milkshake party commence.

Custom Calendario Azteca Dunny by The Beast Brothers

The Beast Brothers will finally be unleashing their custom 8-inch Calendario Azteca Dunny this Friday April 8 for only 24 hours.

Carlos BEast Live Azteca II Webcast Recap

Carlos East of The Beast Brothers was hombre de la hora last Friday as he broadcast LIVE from our Dunny Azteca II website.

Dunny Azteca II Launch Party Wrap Ups

Last night marked the second coming of the Dunny Azteca empire with Kidrobot store release signings and trading parties.

Dunny Azteca II Worldwide Launch Parties

The rebirth of the culturally inspired series, Dunny Azteca II takes place tomorrow!

In other news...