8-Bit Graffiti By Sy

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Straight out of St. Petersburg, Russia, these 8-bit graffiti pieces are the handy work of Sy. Local legend has it, he comes out at night while the kiddies are asleep and works all through the night with out one little peep. Nah, just kidding. He paints during the day to.

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  1. Sjors

    How is this 8-bit? It's very cool and all, but 8-bit is called 8-bit for a reason: that you could make it with an 8-bit computer, more specifically a NES. This is blocky, but in no way 8-bit. Just like not al pixel art is 8-bit.

    • iamtherm

      Agreed. The work is great and maybe slightly resembles, but is hardly 8-bit. Some of the images reflect old NES imagery, though it's mostly multi-faceted and Cubist. I guess this is what you get from hacking all of the Art History classes.

    • bapetsa

      Agreed this isn't technically 8-bit art. But how is 8-bit specific to a NES?

  2. stereonumeral

    am i the only one who can't believe there are three typos in three lines of text? wow, guys.

    the artwork is pretty ridiculous too, good stuff.

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  4. Kid Captain Coolout

    Third-world artists always have an interesting approach to murals & design. This work is incredibly intricate and consistent. His sense of shapes & sizing is almost robotic, one offset would ruin an entire piece. Mega-props to Sy, this is adding to the art world!

    • Jared Berger

      I'm confused – what about Sy is connected to a Third World? I get what you're saying about artists from those areas, but the dude is from St. Petersburg, Russia. Hardly a Third World.