Amazing Kidrobot Bedroom Installation

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Sofia and Ethan are frequenters of KRNY and huge fans of MUNNY and DUNNY. Check out their amazing dedication to Kidrobot with this bright pink pattern installation in their bedroom. Outstanding!

See some one wearing Kidrobot on the street, sitting down to lunch with your favorite Labbit, or got a random sighting of MUNNY with friends. Get the KRonikle in on the fun. Email with your pics of Kidrobot encounters. Power to the people!




17 Responses

  1. beyla

    that girl is so cute!!!!! omggg. is she one of the things i can buy?!!! and the boy, he looks SOOO SMARTTT. <33

    • MacIX

      Jim , did you have wallpaper made from a vector file? Painted? Total cost?

      • Jim Blackwelder

        we made everything ourselves – sorry no wallpaper
        if people are interested i could put something together / post online showing how we did it

  2. 10years

    I wish I could have that in my room because im 10 years old

  3. rastAsia

    Hey! That’s my buddy Orkibal’s illustration on the shelf!!

  4. trikkyluv

    thats wat ive been planning to do when i move out!!!!

    dag beat to the cut agin!lol

    but its lookin supasayen legit, lukky kids.

  5. Sarah Foxx Riffee

    I totally want this in my son's bedroom!! How can i get it?? I think they should also make sheet sets and wall decals oh my!

  6. Keegan

    nice! they should be allowed to color on the walls and make each one different!