Anatomical Dunny Sculpt By MOIST

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New York artist, Jason Freeny aka MOIST has hand crafted an amazing 3-D Anatomical Dunny design. This 3-inch one of a kind creation has a 1/4 cut exposing the inner skeleton of Dunny. Only one hardcore collector will be lucky enough to buy this since MOIST doesn’t do multiples. Today is the last day for your chance to bid on this rare Dunny sculpt over on ebay.

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  1. NoEMonsta

    This is sick..worth whatever price he sells it for sculpting is verey time comsuming

  2. tavery mutch

    damn i lost out on it by 2 bids…time to throw the 'ice bat' on the bay, watch it fly-amazing piece

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  4. rustedhalo

    I've always loved his 3D stuff with vinyl anatomy. This Dunny is cool too, but tossing it up on eBay at $250 just rubs me the wrong way. I'd rather see a series of these sold at a more reasonable price.

    • OZ~

      The starting bid was 80 bucks, he didn't start it at 250.

    • a$$munch

      seriously, just cause no one will throw down over 250 for one of your 3" customs doesnt mean you have to say this piece isnt worth it.

    • Mike

      haha to the guy that said dont get mad people wont drop that on your work!

      rusted this is art! not a production toy! art has no price, you collect toys, haha

      • rustedhalo

        you don't need to talk to me about art. I never said anything about it not being worth the price. just tossing it up on eBay rubbed me the wrong way. it's my opinion and I was just expressing it. no disrespect to the artist or the piece.