Avatar and Vintage Videogame Art

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A long, long time ago (the 80s) videogames were little more than some colored pixels and midi files. You couldn’t really do that much with just a 1.19 Mhz processor, so your imagation and great videogame cover art had to fill in the gaps. Of course, even in that prehistoric time for videogames, the movie tie-in was a proven marketing tactic. What would it be like if the movies of today came out on the game sytems of yesterdecade? Penney Design has a great gallery, check it out.

And check out this amazing collection of art from actual old school videogames. For you older ‘Bots, it’s time to remember where your youth went, for you younger ‘Bots, know your roots!

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  1. itommy

    I did this last year with some records from my music collection. tommylincoln.posterous.com