Awesome And Unapproved MUNNY MUNTH Entries

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With over 500 entries, our MUNNY MUNTH custom contest is proving to our biggest and most advanced tournament to date. But what about those awesome designs that won’t see the light of day due to some technicality in the rules. It states that all entries must be created on 7-inch MUNNYS after June 1, 2010 and there have been more than 50 submissions that didn’t make the cut. From Mini MUNNYS, BUBS, TRIKKYS, RAFFYS, and a ROOZ. Plus some amazingly wierd and random ones that just make you go, hmmmm…… I give you the unsung contestants of MUNNY MUNTH 2010.

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  1. Polyester

    That sounds fair, thank you. Do you have any news about Polyester custom entry which has not been posted? Are there others who have not been posted? Thank you.

  2. Kidrobot

    UPDATE: Hey everyone, there has been a bit of confusion for the misinformation announced earlier. The noted unapproved entries have merely been uploaded to the gallery for viewing purposes only. The only contestants being judged are the 7-inch designs that adhered to the rules. This includes People's Choice. A sincerest apology for the poor use of words. Thank you for understanding and be on the look out for the winners to be announced on July 15.

    • Shannon Williams

      Okay, now that is a relief, I didn't realize how emotionally invested i was in this contest. Until i had originally read ,that you guys(&gals)were going to disregard the 7 inch rule you had set..
      Someone actually thought i was talking about filing and actual lawsuit…crazy,,my actual comment pertains to the fact ,that, your just as bound by the rules as the entrants. And your "terms of use" don't really save you from some silly civil action. I know people that would sue if the wind didn't; change the direction they wanted, and that was my actual point.

  3. Eric Granger

    So i guess i SHOULD have bought another zipper-pull and repainted it after all. $5 sure beats the $30 + materials i dropped to enter this contest – VIA THE FRIGG'N RULES!

    What happened, some 10 year old's angry mom write you a scathing e-mail? Shame on you KR.

  4. Shannon Williams

    In reflection, i hope you don't take my comment too harsh. I just think bending the rules, questions the credibility of the contest. And kinda pushes fairness out a window.
    Still,…love u guys(sobbingly,sniff,sniff).

  5. Kidrobot

    ATTENTION: Yeah!! The 7-inch MUNNY rule has been broken and we decided to approve a great deal of the entries above, granted they fit all the other rules. So check the gallery and vote for your favorite for the People's Choice by clicking the "like" button. The voting will go on until July 14. Then on July 15 the winners will be announced.

    • Jeffrey

      the 7" Munny rule has been broken?

      sorry but thats bull..

      then the contest should be extended for another month, many people could have entered 4" Munnys but didnt, now it's after the cut-off date..

      and plus a 4" munny wouldve been alot cheaper and fast to produce..

      Thanks kidrobot..

    • Shannon Williams

      Now that is a bunch of crap. It makes me think the contest was just a marketing gimmick to move product. What about the legal digital waiver i and the other entrants signed, stating their entry was indeed a 7" Munny??
      Do you know what a lawsuit is? Do you know what a jaded fan is? Do you care??
      I don't know that you do…
      I do know you just spit in the eye of a lot of talented people, who put their blood, sweat and tears into some seriously incredible custom work on your 7 inch platform.
      Way to celebrate 5 years.
      I am still a big KR fan..just a disappointed one….

    • Tika Hicks

      I'm going to be honest and say that this isn't fair at all! I entered the contest meeting all of the requirements, and one of the major rules is thrown out the window? Why?? I had a Mini Munny that I had sitting around that could have been used for the contest instead of spending $30 on the 7" one. This is a slap in the face to all of the artists that followed the rules exactly!

    • kidrobotkid

      the big pic of bub and munny i made them it made me scream when i saw them thank u

  6. JEMoores

    Thanks for posting the rejects, they are GREAT! (just not 7 inch Munnys). Great contest this year folks!

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  8. Shannon Williams #20 is just straight creeping me out…i really don't want to know the horrors that poor mini has seen..spooky.
    But that polar bear mini…and that Ernie … are kinda cool.

  9. Gabriel Restrepo

    What up with the pic of Amanda Visell's Dunny design? Thats not your work obviosly and its not even a Munny to start with so why post it?

  10. Aye Rawd

    what was the biggest reason that most of these got cut for.?

  11. EFFE

    It's possible to vote them? the Munny with the bears in the head is awesome! I think it is the best one! There's a world in each mind!

  12. Jeff Lassiter

    There are plenty of the entries that made it in that were produced before June 1. I saw a few of them on the Makin' Munny page on Facebook. Some were posted last year

    • Jeffrey

      I agree, there are many that are even in the Munny World Flickr page..

      the Oil Demon Boy, Oil Demon Girl, Mustard Demon, Oil Demon, and Shinny Demon are seriously YEARS old.. I cant believe it got past this "guru" guy.

      Like they're right on the Munny World Flikr page, you acn even see the dates they were uploaded.. I think you need more than "guru" to filter out all the invalid Munny's