Banksy Directs The Simpsons Intro

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Legendary street artist, Banksy has recently collaborated with The Simpsons and directed the opening sequence of this past weekend’s episode. It was quite a surprise, this being the first time Fox has ever given the creative reigns of the intro to an artist. It starts off as a normal episode with some Banksy tags throughout Springfield, then it takes a dark turn exaggerating the harsh reality behind manufacturing of mainstream merchandise.

What do you think about this new adaptation of The Simpsons intro?

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  1. Jocko Rock

    Banksy! So FN what,I would have never noticed if he didn’t spell his name all over everything.Where were the stencils he’s so famous for?

    It would have been a better use of 90 seconds if he would have had the Simpsons family scrubbing down the walls he has defaced in the name of art.

  2. helloeatmoretoys

    i overheard this episode and thought nothing of it, with family guy and chiken robot always doing crazy pop and street art stuff incorpareted in their jokes i just imagined the creative writters for the simpsons got some common sense, but now that i know it was the banksy i shat myself, super.

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  4. xshezx

    nothing but amazing. tons of controversy just as banksy does!

  5. Razerpops

    I'm glad I repeated myself there. This is what happens when you write a comment when your first wake up.

  6. Razerpops

    I thought it was great, I saw it on the BanksyFilm channel on youtube before I saw it on The Simpsons. I thought it was great, and then finding out it was used on an episode was even better.