Banksy vs. Bristol Museum

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Submitted by Raymond Kan

The elusive graffiti artist from Bristol well known for his images with strong political and social statements has returned home and officially taken over the Bristol City Museum. Banksy added 100+ of his old and new works, including last year’s New York Pet Shop pieces. The three main exhibition rooms on the ground floor are totally packed full of his paintings, pets and statues. The big show piece is an ice cream truck that greets you as you enter the museum floor with the giant melted ice cream cone on its roof.

However, the special thing about this show is that it extends beyond the confines of the exhibition space. Banksy has replaced original pieces throughout the museum with fake alternatives. For example, looking through the porcelain figurines cabinet carefully, you’ll spot a young girl wearing a gas mask. Or amongst the classic paintings, there is an iPod-listening Madonna and Child. It promotes exploration of the entire museum and reward the visitors with clever and amusing visuals.

It is possibly one of the best shows this year and absolutely free to visit. It runs till end of August so if you are in the UK this summer, forget Tower of London or St Paul’s Cathedral. Take a day trip to Bristol!

Check out images from the show on Flickr.

Click here for exhibition details.


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  1. angelucci

    always an ingenious and tongue-in-cheek(y) commentary about society – that why i heart him so.