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  1. Kidrobot Guru

    Don’t worry Kidrobots! This is just the very first attempt at a new series we are working on for the KRonikle titled “Get to know..”

    We’ll feature artists from the messageboard, other websites, specific regions of the world, and more!

    The Discussion Board is next, so be on the look out in the next few weeks.

  2. Shauni55


    a lot of really talented artists have dedicated a lot of time and money on stuff and have been on the boards for a long time. If you had worked for years to get shoved out of the way like that wouldn’t you be pissed? It’s rediculas! Kidrobot is really !@#$ing lately. It’s all about connections with them

  3. AW177

    Vinyl Peg Leg: no one says you can’t take part of this; if you want to enter, more power to you.

  4. vinyl peg leg

    I understand people complaining about talent under their noses. But my situation. I just stumbled across this, not part of the forum or board artists. Am I not allowed fair access to this as well. Just because youre part of some board or forum doesnt grant you “first” rights… it kinda makes you look greedy.

  5. wastemoremoney

    I love how you guys just ignore the board artists and just jump to Society 6 for talent.

  6. AW177

    Please, there are plenty of talent right under their nose on the Kidrobot forums, yet they barely even notice.

  7. Nippleface

    Why not just feature some of the awesome talent you have on the boards? I’m sure Guru could name several names right off the bat.