BLOG BLURBS – 4/16/10

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Introducing the new weekly photo caption contest, BLOG BLURBS! Every Friday at 7 pm EST a new toy diorama will be posted here on the KRonikle. Enter to win a blind box prize pack by leaving comments of what you think the toys are talking about. Click the thumbs up to vote on your favorite quotes. BLOG BLURBS runs all throughout the week and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. So let the creative juices flow and check back to see what develops. We will announce the winner next week.

Got an eye for detail? Submit your own scenario for future BLOG BLURBS contests. Compose your favorite toys in a creative setting and get it posted up on the KRonikle. Email with your best shot.

62 Responses

  1. @jimbojones1

    1)I wish I had hands to hold a lolly pop
    2)Hmmm lolly pop
    3)I hope they don’t smell that fart they’re about to skate into, hahaha

  2. Ichizen55

    1) Chicka Chicka Chicka
    2) Peaceeeeee Mannnnnnnnnnn
    3) I'm Outta Here

  3. Samuel

    1) ¡Give me back my tail dumbass!
    2) Oooooooooouh
    3) Oh heel no! he's trying to take my hat!

  4. Christian Gallardp

    1.How come humans have arms and not me?

    2.I wish that bird would shut up

    3.Why the heck are these winers here

  5. JayJayFool

    When i opened the page today my little girl (she is 2 and a 1/2) was sitting here with me and she said "I watch this Gabba?". That was pretty cute!! If you guys didn't know the background is the backround to Foofa's land on Yo Gabba Gabba.

  6. dn

    1. Hey don’t leave. She didn’t mean it.
    2. Can’t you tell he was only licking.
    3. F… in’ chimps.

  7. Lena Magarelli

    1. Dang bird, you need some skates like me! can't rely on that dude's head to take you anywhere..

    2. It's cool man, don't mess with my bird's style.

    3. I swear I am going to fling sh*t at both these guys soon…

  8. Christopher Branson

    1. You got your lollipop, now get back here so I can finish!

    2. Rubber duck. Celery. Guitars. Either this book is revolutionary or this acid is worth the money. Wohh man, far out!

    3. If I crouch down far enough, stick my tongue out and tape a bar of soap to my head it really does feel like the opera.

  9. Troy Souders

    1)rollarskates seemed like such a good idea until I remembered I DON’T HAVE ANY ARMS!
    2) I totally should’ve worn pants!? Huh? wait.. What was I saying again?
    3) How did my life come to this? I used to be famous mess’n with that Mario guy, throwing barrells. Now look at me.
    Troy Souders says this.

  10. Gerardo

    1. Outta my way just escaped from a hot wing convention!!.
    2. Wow 420 is crazy this year…
    3. And they thought I couldn't skate.

  11. Tyler Tynordi

    1. Choo choo cha-chew, get back here with my lolly!
    2. “How to look really dazed while sitting in the grass” by Homer J.
    3. ….How was he eating that lolly with no hands?

  12. Alan Partridge

    1) Lynn your hair looks snazzy… is that your mother money coming through? All part of the bereavement dividend!
    2) Convoy? Michael your hanging around with a person who uses a collective term for a single object.
    3) I'm going nowhere, Lynn. Quite literally – I'm on the ring road!

  13. andrew

    1. haha! gorillas hat is pink! what a loser!
    2. man that hat is dope! ill smoke you bird!

  14. PaoloMiguel

    1. thats not my hand youre pulling me by.
    2. this new interactive porn is the best thing since sliced bread….!
    3. bathroom?!

  15. @GuMzGFX

    1. Escuuue me
    2. GEt HER DAwg *starts coughing uncontrollably *
    3. Okkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!! *winks*

  16. annie

    1. you'll see, ill beat you!
    2. this is mind boggling…the chicken AND egg coming first?
    3. even an ape like me skates faster than them all!


    1: Look Ma! No hands!
    2. Yooo Birddude, my hair aint a nest….."oh boy i think im trippin' out."
    3. ..Oh man i need to get outta these freakshows pronto!

  18. 26:PM

    1. That lollipop is made from my kind!!!!
    2. Why is your child yellow anyway?
    3. This soap is made from people.

  19. Raven

    1) Ha Ha Ha Ha i am a upside-down roller-skating egg

    2) psychedelic dude like. peace

    3) zoomie dude betta ZOOM of the picta

  20. breeze

    1) Why do you like that poor exuse for a primate.Only because hes hairy
    2)Todays 420 shes probably high.
    3)these stupid people the look at my blunt exterior but fail to realize that I am far mor superior than they are, but i can spread my knowleage with that Diliala over there

  21. Floor

    1. WAUW! Is dit niet de mooiste uitgeknipte knutselwereld ooit!

    2. Je ziet weer waanbeelden, we staan in een winkelcentrum voor de drogist! Wacht ik schrijf het even op…

    3. Que?

  22. Spacebee

    1) We represent the lollipop guild! 2) Mmmm lollipops….drooool….. 3) Ever since Krusty made me official Krusty Burger taster my dreams are getting weirder and weirder….

  23. Marti

    1.) My aerodynamic shape makes me the perfect skater… peep!
    2.) Mmmmmmmm. Granola donuts. Arrrrrrrghhhhh (drool)
    3.) The square root of the hypotenuse is the sum of the absolute value of the tangent of x divided by r.

  24. Milo

    1. Come back here with my lollipop you little chicken butt
    2. Why do I hang out with these DORKS!!!
    3. Oh god I dropped my pet banana AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  25. rawkkiddo

    1. shut it hippie
    2. Man just wait till I get to college!
    3. No….with these skates they will never spank me again

  26. reva skie

    1. Nice get away sticks.
    2. Duuuude. Dude. Duude? Duuddee!
    3. Abs in, buns tight, lets roll.

  27. j*ryu

    1. Where are my arms?

    2. Dat bird gots no arms.

    3. Going to pinch a loaf while skating, awwww hellz yeah. ooh ooh aaah ahh!

  28. Jessica

    1. helllllooooo candypants!
    2. hmmmm hungry…..chicken nugget on wheels…..yummmmmmm
    3. Damn backwards rollerskating for peace race…I'm always last!

  29. christopher munar

    my original post was #27.

    *edit* my number #2 line should say “…wonderful* and NOT wonder.

    haha sorry =X

  30. christopher munar

    1. I hope the wizard of oz can give me wings!
    2. *sings and plays instrument* they’re off to see the wizard, the wonder wizard of oz.
    3. I hope the wizard of oz can give me cymbals!

  31. @loki1967

    1. Hey Monkey check out these stoners.
    2. I feel like a slab of butter slowly melting on a stack of flapjacks.
    3. They aren't stoners they are protesting to ensure there is never a military draft that includes Peeps.

  32. @amavevera

    1. she has a lollypop, but she's not a KO Scavenger. sooo not interested!
    2. time to write the review of Dunny 2010. the other bloggers were faster than me, damn bastards!
    3. if I exercise enough, I'll be just as fit as the Coarsetoys surfer-dude… if I exercise enough, I'll be…

  33. JayJayFool

    1.) Best day ever! …other then the no arm thing. But come on a random HJ in the park = a WIN!!

    2.) Am i just REALLY high or is that creepy chick tuggin' on that chickens monkey?

    3) I'm thinking you're just high!! I mean really come on, A chicken on skates with no arms gettin his meat worked by a goth chick on skates with a lollipop?? Then you got some skunk asking for no war… the nicest way possible!! Next your gonna tell me JR killed himself and a monkey can think about all this stuff!! ….It may be time to put the weed down and step away from the bong.

  34. luka

    1. Hey, gimme dat lollie pop back little girl!

    2. UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This book is hard to read.

    3. You guys are weird, Im going to the Kidrobot store.

  35. Jasmine

    1.) Outta" my way that damn Ronald Mcdonald wants to process me!!!
    2.) ????! Wow this stuff really woks! Right on!
    3.) That flea is mine!!! nom nom nom!!!

  36. Daniel 8!

    1.) Give me your lollipop!!!
    2.) Hey baby!!
    3.) These guys are dorks!!

  37. Kul6510

    1. wow such a chicken she took ur pop and u ain't gonna take it back?
    2. Nawh give it to her yo
    3 Yeah u ain't no chicken @ all

  38. Boxbuddy

    2.hey! Here’s a song idea…. Little bird lands on my head
    if it takes a poop it is dead.
    3.How do I get out of this stupid outfit

  39. dunz0

    1. I could really use that lollipop right now. Now the question is, do I ask politely or do I attack her?
    2. That bird poo feels nice and warm on my head. Who says I need a hat on this beautiful Spring day?
    3. So now that I know how to go…how do I stop??

  40. padowajo

    1) Good luck with the war protest!
    2) There's no fighting the peace, man!
    3) Mmm…. Peas….

  41. manu1998

    1) come on man, come and roller skate stop meditating come on! !
    2) shhhhhhh, im meditating, be quiet
    3) heyyy, angie 80 come on, these people are nuts

  42. 10years


    2. Kumbya my lord, Kumbya.

    3. This aint no petting zoo.

  43. nimbusdrake

    1) Hey, wait up!!
    2) Yeah baby, no need to rush.
    3) Must make poopy, must make poopy…

  44. ssmilkboy

    1) Never skate with suckers
    2)Unless they're peace pops
    3)Who you calling a sucker?

  45. shauni55

    1) you know, I know I don't have arms but I don't give a !@#$ I'm doing this anyways…
    2)I've read this book like 20 times but I still don't remember who the murderer is…
    3) Don't look now but I totally just left them a surprise behind that stump

  46. Hunter Fyffe

    1. If I had arms I'd probably be able to carry out this assassination a lot faster… Little girl! Could you please slow down for a second and expose your neck for me!
    2. I wonder what would happen if I smoked this stuff…
    3. I paid that chicken hours ago, why isn't this girl off my tail yet?!

  47. Jeremy Nishimura

    1) Hey Girl! Give me back my hypnosis contact lens. 2) I guess neither the Chicken nor the Egg came first…. the Monkey did. 3) Roll, Roll, Roll your skates gently down the street. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…..

  48. snooker

    1. Hey! No fair…. You guys got hands…
    2. Geez.. the monkey's ahead again.
    3. Why can't the monkey win?

  49. Juan Carlos Romo

    1. Piep pieeep pieeep piep piep pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp pieeep!!!
    2. Taraaraaaraaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaa HEEEEYYY!!! Taraaaaaraaaaraaaaraaaaaara!
    3. What the $#&!"&&%, weirdos!!!

  50. BJR

    1) She got a donk, she got a donk! 2) I wonder what my boy Kid Cudi is doing… probably at a wine and cheese party…mad that no one told him how good the cheese was. Time to write that down… 3) Stupid Family guy… now I have no job

  51. Thomas

    1)They took my arms, and now you wanna take my lolly pop?!?! 2)Calm down bear and come down and take a hit of this. 3)Where does the poop go?

  52. juan ogando

    1) your just going to disappoint your self later. 2) damn bird took a dump on my head. 3) im going to be late to the krusty show

  53. frank rincon

    1) says get out the way before i kick you in the neck and talk your lolly pop 2) says lets smoke this tree to my left lol . . . . . 3) says what the hell am i doing im bout to bust my dumb ass