BLOG BLURBS – 4/23/10

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Welcome to Friday’s weekly photo caption contest, BLOG BLURBS! Every Friday at 7 pm EST a new toy diorama will be posted here on the KRonikle. Enter to win a blind box prize pack by leaving comments of what you think the toys are talking about. Click the thumbs up to vote on your favorite quotes. Voting booth closes next Friday at 6pm EST. BLOG BLURBS runs all throughout the week and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. So let the creative juices flow and check back to see what develops. We will announce the winner next week.

Got an eye for detail? Submit your own scenario for future BLOG BLURBS contests. Compose your favorite toys in a creative setting and get it posted up on the KRonikle. Email with your best shot.

Congratulations to Hunter F. for last weeks winning commentary!


40 Responses

  1. ewang

    1. Nothing better than donuts and coffee, yo!
    2. …And being an arresting officer of so many celebrities!
    3. Yeah, it was pretty fun frisking La Linds. Pee Wee, not so much
    4. Fight the power!

  2. droppixel

    typo fail!

    3. Um, I think we are at the wrong party…

  3. droppixel

    1. So many types of people will never get along
    Till I bust out my boombox and play this song!

    2. Where's the bride to be?

    3. I think we are the wrong party…

    4. It was a rainbow coalition of dancing, Whoa !

  4. Shankweather

    1. They are dancing a different language.
    2. The break themselves upon…
    3. …the rock of the rhythm.
    4. My soul is restless.

  5. Mech415

    1. "When I do my backspin, it's going to be the baddest! Alright, FRRREEEESSSHHH!!!"
    2. "Man, all your moves ain't worth the bit(e)! So what's up with that, punk!"
    3. "Punk!? Who you callin' a punk…"
    4. Damn! This is a scene out of BEATSTREET! I was hopin to see Turbo, Ozone and Special K!!!

  6. Brandon Igra

    1) Aint….no……half……..steppin!
    2)There are………..
    3) The breaaaaaaaaaks!!!
    4)Wait a minute…….this isn't the thriller video……I wonder what the kids are doing in wonderland……

  7. ltamkei

    1. Dang, that chick has a nice head, all blocky and stuff. I’ll ask for her number, tell her I lost mine.
    2. Smells like burning vinyl up in here, crazy tricks from these sticks.
    3. If you’re plastic, vinyl, rubber, paper, whatever, big ups the toy crew dem! Shout outs to the plastic molds, you know who you are.
    4. Then why did I have the bowl, Bart? What did I have the bowl?????

  8. Troy Souders

    troysouders says:
    1)HEY! Excuse me! You think when you guys are done popping n locking you could help me with my pick?! My arms are too short.
    2)No! It’s Tuesday! You wear red undies I wear white!
    3)Tuesday! I thought it was Monday?! My bad. Maybe you could turn yours inside out?
    4) Whoa! Why are all those cars speeding towards me! Hey! How many times do I have to tell you! I’m not a finishing line!

  9. Paul Watson

    1. Anyone seen my comb? Anyone?
    2. Aw man, we both wore the same thing again. How embarassing…
    3. Speak for yourself, my purple hat is 100% more pimping
    4. What are you guys moaning about, I'm dressed like a bathroom floor!

  10. darrkkspirit

    1. (singing) I like monkeys …monkeys don't fly, I like monkeys…love monkeys don't lie!!!!
    2.I will throw dah smack down on dat pimp.
    3. Got rid of my clothes cuz they was too heavy. Gotta small 'em down a piece.
    4. GET OUTA MY WAY STUPID BLOCKHEAD, MOVE! Why I always get the dopes that can't keep movin'?

  11. rhinostomp

    1. Daaaamn you gon break yo neck!

    2. Click click, clickity reclick?

    3. Nah man they froot of da luims.

    4. Awwwlllll riiiight.

  12. Jamie Mimic Stubbs

    1. Yo man! why ya got Break Wind in that way? Y'all almost blew him off the mat!

    2. IceCube, gimme da mic, i gotta teach these fools some respect!

    3. Whatcha gonna do bro, rap about flatulence? cos all your rhymes stick anyways!


  13. Vicmeister

    1. Yo dude, we just got our ass handed to us
    2. Somebody call the police, because the Be@rbricks ARE OUT OF CONTROL!!
    3. Are you sure about that? I think it's more like call the FIRE DEPARTMENT, because they are on FIRE! Let's give it to them!
    4. Everybody in the house! Put your hands UP!

  14. dynomite_jones

    1. This the last time I play Double Dragon on acid.
    2. I’ll be brief.
    3. Why those green bears always hatin on recycling?
    4. I wonder if they all know they can get with this or they can get with that?

  15. Shankweather

    1. When you do dance…
    2. I wish you a wave o' th' sea…
    3. That you might ever do…
    4. Nothing but that.

  16. Nikki Truong

    1. "Am i high off this paint or are those two in their undies?"
    2. "Go popper, Go locker"
    3. "POP, LOCK, & DROP IT"

  17. Marti

    1.) Whatchoo talking about Willis? Gary Coleman in tha house!
    2.) Looking like a fool with my pants on the ground.
    3.) Speak for yourself. I'm too sexy for my pants. I left mine at home.
    4.) Pop and lock, pop and lock… am I doing it right? I knew I should've taken those lessons from PDiddy!

  18. ChinChi21

    (1.) Damn! I must be tripping off the hen cuz why is Kanye in his undies??
    (2.) Yo Yo Yo , in the place to… WTF! KANYE!
    (3.) Hold, hold, hold on now Jay, I just want to say that my video captain undies was the best video of all time, the best video of alllll tiimmmeee!!!
    (4.) Good grief Kanye done did it again! Snatching up mics when he needs to snatch being a better performer.

  19. snooker

    1. Yo Bro! The Bear brick Brothers stealing our spotlight again. They ain't shit like us.
    2. Break it down bear style….
    3. Give it up for the Bear brick Brothers!!!!!!!!!!
    4. That ain't right. Eminem is in the house and they stole my moves. Back in the day, I was the champ.

  20. MEH

    1.I'm Mario and welcome to America's Beast Dance Crew! Now let's go to our judges!
    2.I'm not sure about those two, they seem a bit stiff to me. What do you think Big Papa?
    3.Stiff!? I'd have to disagree, those heelkicks are fly!
    4.Yeah! They're tearing up the vinyl in this place!

  21. Michael

    1.guys look the party pimps are here$$
    2.were the party pimps and party crashers.
    3.who the the &$@&$ ordered them!

  22. Doc

    1. "Yo girl, dont worry about our checkerboard chaperones. They look scary, but they just like to party!"

    2. (Rapping) "Black hat, gold chain, in my undies tag Hanes."

    3. "Man why you always stealin my lines!? YOU KNOW I WEAR THE BLACK HAT!!! And why do you insist on us performing in our drawers?"

    4. In all the events Ive ever chaperoned… This is by far the most bizzare bar mitzvah… I miss working security for Diddy. Wish i wouldnt have gotten canned, but when he told peeps vote or die, i thought he meant it.

  23. Rawkkiddo

    1. Three guys with the same hair as me………I so ain't getting any tonight
    2. Yo! Check us out, here on the mic is non other than Black Punk
    3. Hey Kanye, dont even think of jacking any more of our beat unless you plan on having us in your video. Oh, and yes that would be with pants off!
    4. MF Doom in the house

  24. Bergerbot

    1. We're gonna serve those suckas!
    2. The Be@rbrick Breakers are pulling out all the stops!
    3. Your right brother. That cardboard won't be the same after they're finished with it.
    4. Yo is that guy across the room the black me?

  25. Gabe

    1. Get your close on, the cops are comin!
    2. shoot, we were just getting started. Hey where's our cloths?
    3. The stupid rats took them, look!
    4.NO, i hope theres not a blood test… i'll just say i had some bad beans.

  26. christian gallardo

    1.Yo, whats up with the freaks
    2.Hey everyone, why won't you listen to my music?
    3. He's right, you guys won't listen eather
    4.Gezz, I can't believe i'm surrounded buy dumbies

  27. Super Cooper

    1. Yo! Pimp up the street and roll on my feet!
    2. We need some rapper to come up and perform us some beats!
    3. Who will that be? Ahhh, you in the checkered suit without the hat!
    4. Uh oh!

  28. dante

    1. wuts ur sign girl..u know u want some of this ….. i got a 40….i cant get no play around here
    2. why did we agree to do this show naked?
    3. i dont know maybe because meth is a hell of a drug!
    4. i am trippin balls!!!!…there are naked rappers, breakdancing bears, i turned all black and white checkered, and theres a see through robot!!!

  29. Daniel

    1.) How did i get here?
    2.) im having one of those dreams where i forgot to put my pants on with another dude!
    3.) i forgot to put my pants on!
    4.) i'm gonna go Funk around!

  30. Chris m

    1 oh, it’s on now! Those dudes in their draws are getting SERVED!

    2 SNAP! We gotta get back to the O.C. and get our game up.

    3 Fo realsies kid

    4 Damn, if these two got served what are my chances?!

  31. wutang

    1. I wish my boys Biggie & Pac were here to see this.

    2. Oh crap, it's the cops!

    3. Run!

    4. Where the hell are my smorks!

  32. wutang

    1. I wish my boys Biggie & Pac were here to see this.

    2. Oh crap, it's the cops!

    3. Run.

    4. Where the hell is my smorks!

  33. Irit

    1. Has anyone you seen my comb?

    2. Go Be@rbrick, go Be@rbrick!

    3. Yo yo yo, check out the breaking Be@rbricks!

    4. I hope I didn't forget to put on deodorant again.

  34. LTT

    1. What are those two naked dudes doing up there? I thought I was the performer tonight

    2 and 3 are rapping of course:
    2. "Yo, yo, ladies! We here tonight in our underoos. We gonna get real close and dance with you. "
    3. "Underoos. Uh! Yeah!"

    4. This my jam!

  35. shauni55

    1. well looks like I'm not needed here

    2.Rocking with my chest all stout,
    with freezy over here my nips all out

    3. Brother that's where it's at,
    these shorties down here we stole dey hat