BLOG BLURBS – 5/21/10

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Welcome to Friday’s weekly photo caption contest, BLOG BLURBS! Every Friday at 7 pm EST a new toy diorama will be posted here on the KRonikle. This week enter to win a MUNNYWORLD prize pack, by leaving comments of what you think the toys are talking about. Click the thumbs up to vote on your favorite quotes. Voting booth closes next Friday at 6pm EST. BLOG BLURBS runs all throughout the week and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. So let the creative juices flow and check back to see what develops. We will announce the winner next week.

Got an eye for detail? Submit your own scenario for future BLOG BLURBS contests. Compose your favorite toys in a creative setting and get it posted up on the KRonikle. Email with your best shot.

Congratulations to Cassie P. from Florida for the winning commentary! You won a signed 5-inch Corpsman Labbit!


38 Responses

  1. Jennifer Miles

    1. I just got served!
    2. Wow, that's a big fist!
    3. Ahhh grasshopper, your driving skills are no match for my swift moves. There is no opponent. hahahaha

  2. Matthew Shaw

    1) Why in hell is this guy driving so slow?!
    2) I'm a panda and so cute. Woah that guy looks mean….I think he is flipping the bird at someone?
    3) I love joy riding!!!! The sky is clear, lovely nature animals. Wait…………I think the driver behind me is pointing at me, with the wrong finger.

  3. Juan Canales

    1.Whoooaahh…i must've been to buzzed to remeber this!
    2.Ay man, wat kinda gloves are deez and this ain't my ride dis is my sista's. wat the…?
    3.Oh, i don't think i should of tooken those, my eyes are all dialated…WHERE ARE WE?

  4. DDBomb

    1.Dang check out my whip nigga!!! what the hell are you anyway? An ancient astronaut.

    2.ching chong ching ching i just reer minrin my rown bishnesh

    3.I aint trippin nigga cuz i got's the jedi mind tricks

  5. @revhattaway

    1. I told you this was better than Mario Kart!
    2. You're not supposed to act out video games in real life!
    3. Annnnnnnd how!

  6. Miguel Barrientos

    1. HAHA… I got this race in the bag… more $$$ for me!
    2. IM FINALLY GONA CATCH THESE DAMN STREET RACERS! THIS IS THE BEST HIDING PLACE EVER… now to take the picture without letting go.

  7. @LittleXiongMao

    1. Yo #3 lets go ride to the city and have some fun!=D
    2. okaay… i climed the tree with all my stuff. now i don't dare to go higher then this… Can somebody help me please? TT________TT
    3.I'm sorry #1, but i have to go to our class. You should come to class too, instead of skipping school=)

  8. EJAX

    1. Yooo holla atcha boy! I just got my car pimped from that MTV show Pimp My Ride!

    2.Ohh snap i gotta hide…there goes my insane master who likes to dress me up inappropriately.

    3. umm… my opinion, pink does NOT go well with you at all….better ask for a redo from Xzibit….i doubt it though…

  9. Totoro

    1. Where you think your going with my lasagna FOO!
    2. Dictating the world is hard at least I have you Mr. Tree….Kiss Kiss
    3. You idiosyncratic vinyl figure!! You POO!! I have my own lasagna! And under no circumstances is she, I mean it, my girlfriend.

  10. Doc

    1. WHAT?! Almost out of gas again? Oh mini cooper…. what a mistake…

    2. I left the lush jungles of china for THIS?! Extinction doesnt sound too bad after all!

    3. *singing along with radio, tears streaming down face* And i think its gonna beee a long long tiiiime, till touch down brings me round again to fiiind, Im not the man they think i am at home oh no no nooooooo… IM A ROCKET MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

  11. yo0s

    1)oh hell no! My breaks on my Camry is not working!!
    2) huh typical Asian car cheap but it break down easy psst!
    3) oh ur one to talk freaking panda n u i told u should have switch " it so easy a cave man can do it"

  12. Josh

    1) I live my life a quarter mile at a time

    2)…Man, I LEFT china to avoid a Fast and Furious sequal

    3) If he says anything about a 10 second car, I'll shoot him. Seriously. He's been doing this all day.

  13. Yuichi Yoshida

    1. SH*T!!! I can't believe I'm losing to an Asian driver!!!!
    2. Hope they don't come crashing into this tree….
    3. Check out this amazing drift on this curve, ladies!

  14. Mars714

    (1) Come on! My grandma drives faster!
    (2) (thinking) Maybe if they put roofs on these cars there wouldn't be as much chatter disturbing my inner peace…
    (3) Well It's too hard to steer on these curvy roads with my tiny hands!

  15. SwampGreen

    1….and that is how my boy xzibit hooked me up with these wheels!
    2. "Xzibit"? Is that German for Exit?
    3. Wo, hold on. You mean there is a hot tub and a margarita mixer in there?

  16. rafael

    1. yo space cowboy, make your orange pony move faster!
    2. …hmmm, never seen an orange pony before…
    3. hey bro, haven't seen that cop, hidden in the tree, no?

  17. schwadling

    dear lord…i really cant stand these diorama caption thingies. i mean, i have yet to read a caption that a) really makes sense or b) is even the slightest bit humorous. c'mon KR, let's get back to what people really care about..NEW TOYS!!

  18. Darrkkspirit

    1. I wonder if those giant hands are after me?
    2. I heard the zookeeper say I would out by the impala's, this isn't what I had in mind.
    3. *singing* All my friends… want a low-rider

  19. Christian Gallardo

    1.Slow down stu.. head
    2.Let me guess your in last place boy?
    3.I'm in second last place dummy!

  20. Super Cooper

    1. I'm gonna get you! hah hah! hah!
    2. Hey! Watching a racecar getting chased by another one wasn't in the Cute N' Cuddley Panda Camp Booklet! It was jus a prank from Loxy Foxy!
    3. Awww man! I was supposed to pick up my art piece before 9:00, but it's 9:50! I think I should've went the right turn instead of the left! This is why I always hear about Highway 66!

  21. ken

    1. aye! slow down!
    2. little help over here guys!
    3. come on! i dont slow down for people!

  22. @GT1220

    1. Yoooo! Move it before I run your car off the road!

    2. I haven't found a single bamboo grove since I got here…this is the worst day ever.

    3. Hmm…should I help that little panda? Nah it looks like he has everything under control.

  23. luka

    1. Come on! You can go faster than that. The Kidrobot store closes in 5 minutes!
    2. Too bad I'm stuck in this tree, well, I'm lucky I have my boombox, and my backpack filled with trailmix.
    3. ( replying to 1.) Hey, I'm going as fast as I can! And your not the only one that's late for something. My yoga class started 2 minutes ago.

  24. rawkkiddo

    1. Dang, and I thought watching Fast and Furious would make me stellar on the track
    2. Come on y'all, there is nothing cuter than a panda humping a tree!
    3. I got this all wrapped up as long as I do not get hit with a blue shell

  25. Ormi6a

    1. Thinks to self " I wonder how far I can flick this boogah?"
    2. "Out of all days for my Motor-phobia to kick in"
    3. "Aw hell! I'm bout to hit the side of this hear box!!"

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  27. snooker

    1. Damn manual car.. I need an automatic.
    2. Don't they know I'm endangered? Thank goodness I'm on the tree, or else they would run me over….
    3. Weeeeeeee… he's never going to catch up. Not with that piece of junk. Eat rocket fuel dust… Take that.


    1. ''people these days..they dont kno what the fu#%! to do, i got this weirdo behind me playing the keys, a panda, A PANDA! up in thiz tree in the middle of nowhr and some dude with a helmet, "hey man!! wr not in space yo!!!!"
    2. " okay, i got my hat, my lil radio, my backpack full of sugar cane…this is good, this is good.
    3. (on blutooth) "see mom, i'm telling you, you don't gotta worry about me, i'm extra careful, i know i got a windshield but for extra safety i got a helmet with plexi glass just in case.

  29. Vivi <3

    1. wasn't the ride over that piano fun?

    2. yeah, not bad. ^.^ and the solo was a nice touch lol

    3. ( points to the left ) SLUG BUG!!! I WIN!!! ^.^

  30. @ClaudiaJNg

    1. beezy, you did not just cut me off 2. Ni Hao 3. Turn left?! There's no left turn here Tom Tom!

  31. Staviean S. Swanson

    1. That MF'ing slow driving Hybrid better clear a path Yo! I will mob all over his a$$ if he doesn't get out of my way.

    2. I should really get a Hybrid. Ooohhhhh ddddaaammmmnnnnn, fo shizel! I want to roll like a G instead. Yo, yo, yo… What's popp'n G-Money?!

    3. (singing) Ain't momma gonna be so proud of me, I'm gonna get me a bumble bee…

  32. Jasmine Alvergue

    2. Ooh, this tree smells good*hears noise*What the hell was that?
    3. *checks rear-view mirror*Oh, good god! Not in a car.People these days can't wait till they get in the hot tub.

  33. @TheJuanReyes

    1) I JUST filled up the gas tank, and I'm already running low? Dang!
    2) do you know how many greenhouse gases your car emits? driving is awful.
    3) do you know how many stupid gases your stupid face emits? And your purse is awful.

    • @TheJuanReyes

      oh… #2 is a thought bubblem not a speech bubble.

  34. 10years

    1. Go faster!

    2. I'm a panda. I can do this, I mean, it's only like a 2-foot drop. ( pause) I was wrong. I cant do this, and the weirdest part is, I don't even know how I got up here!

    3. I'm late for my palates class!