BLOG BLURBS – 5/7/10

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Welcome to Friday’s weekly photo caption contest, BLOG BLURBS! Every Friday at 7 pm EST a new toy diorama will be posted here on the KRonikle. Enter to win Frank Kozik’s smoke free plush, Sarge, by leaving comments of what you think the toys are talking about. Click the thumbs up to vote on your favorite quotes. Voting booth closes next Friday at 6pm EST. BLOG BLURBS runs all throughout the week and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. So let the creative juices flow and check back to see what develops. We will announce the winner next week.

Got an eye for detail? Submit your own scenario for future BLOG BLURBS contests. Compose your favorite toys in a creative setting and get it posted up on the KRonikle. Email with your best shot.

Congratulations to Yuichi Y. for the winning commentary! You won a Dunny blind box prize pack!


20 Responses

  1. Ejax

    from left to right:

    – Why do i have to get stuck with the dirty work? i'm holding this dude's liver for christ sake.

    -Yo bro get this $h!t done already. This mask is making me sweat bullets…get it…bullets……cuz im holding a gun….with bullets….no?…ugh fine…

    -Oh No!….i betcha im going to be next in line…im wearing green…Oh Boy.

    -Please don't hurt me. I have a BIG head to fill in this bank.

  2. jerrr

    1. yo boss, what do dwe do with the hand?
    2. not now, im thinking of something that we can do to them.
    3. spider-pig-spider-pig-does what ever spider pig-does.
    4. i new that to day was a bad day.

  3. qwertyuiop

    1. lalalalalalala what do we do now bos? we got them wher we want them!
    2. yess we, start bringing the loot to the car.
    3. wait dont i have a gun in my pocket?
    4.cant we talk thin out? pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase?

  4. rawkkiddo

    1. Ahhhhhhhyeeeaaahhhhhhhh, just like Point Break baby!
    2. Dont let the mickey mouse gloves fool ya, I can still get to that trigger
    3. While I should be scared, I am a little turned on by a guy in his underwear with a gun.
    4. If my head weren't so big I might be able to make a move on this guy

  5. Christian Gallardo

    1.hey dude with the hair, i'm a criminal
    2.who are talking about, lefty or that dog
    3. that's the best mask ive ever seen
    4. yeah we need a gang of our own

  6. bromide

    also left to right

    1. (gasp) I was wrong about you! Your blood really is communist red!

    2. Show me the your capitalist greens or I kidnap the hat, fatty.

    3. Omg. Without my hat I'll look even more rotund.

    4. Look, I know the wallpaper makes our establishment look like a really edgy bank, but we're actually a mid-priced motel. I mean, it's a Shepard Fairey knockoff made at an illustration sweatshop in Korea. And yes, I'd prefer to get shot with just one gun. The one on the right. My right.

  7. Bergerbot

    1. Can you give me a "hand" with all this loot frog-face?!
    2. Put your hands where I can see them!
    3. Hands down best mask I have ever seen.
    4. I gotta hand it to you fellas. You really know how to rob a joint.

    (P.S. Sweet Fairey mural in the background)

  8. david Soto

    Great Article. Thanks for the Info. I will be back for you. keep up the good work. :)

  9. Drew Thompson

    1. Ha! I guess you'll have to find a new hand to wipe with.
    2. Now, I want you to slowly take off your pants.
    3. This is getting wierd…
    4. You heard the man. Take 'em off!

  10. 10years

    1. Everybody is distracted… This is a perfect time to rob this joint.

    2. Put your hands up!

    3. My pits smell terrible… I really have to shower more.

    4. My plans are being soiled, just like my pants.

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  12. Aaron B.

    1. Stick 'em up, suckas! It's the remix to ignition…hot and fresh out tha kichen!
    2. Seriously, next time no talking.
    3. Uhhhh….aren't you R Kelly?
    4. I TOLD you to take down the 'rich preteen girls – no parents allowed' sign off of the door. It wasn't funny to begin with.

  13. James

    1. Don' hworry…eet weel grow back. Soo muuuch violence!
    2. Don' hworry…de goon iss fak, ass is the "obey" back'roun'!
    3. Hime no' whorry…muy bored.
    4. Dees ees so rrretarded, muy travaro por nada.

  14. Trigger

    Left to right:

    1) "There, you see. That wasn't so hard was it Froggy-boy?. We got the diamond and nobody got
    hurt….except you"
    2)"Nobody move! Anybody that moves I shoot! Anybody that moves again..I shoot again!"
    3)"Jeez…just my luck….I knew I should have called in sick today…."
    4) "Ok! Ok! You made your point…you have the guns, you get to tell us what to do…."

      • Trigger

        "I'm bloody hilarious" is the answer. Is that some snarky comment on the humour level of my post or just incredulity? Also I posted this like an hour after it started so its been up all week :D

        • @GT1220

          I liked it

          someone said the exact same thing to me on the previous blog blurbs