BLOG BLURBS – 6/11/10

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Welcome to the KRonikle’s photo caption contest, BLOG BLURBS! Every other Friday at 7 pm EST a new toy diorama will be posted here on the KRonikle. This week enter to win a 5-inch Gloomy Bear Muzzle Harness edition by Mori Chack, by leaving comments of what you think the toys are talking about. Click the thumbs up to vote on your favorite quotes. Voting booth closes next Friday at 6pm EST. BLOG BLURBS runs all throughout the week and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. So let the creative juices flow and check back to see what develops. We will announce the winner on Friday, June 25.

Got an eye for detail? Submit your own scenario for future BLOG BLURBS contests. Compose your favorite toys in a creative setting and get it posted up on the KRonikle. Email with your best shot.

Congratulations to Dan B. for your winning commentary. You have won a blind box prize pack.


24 Responses

  1. Kidrobot

    BLOG BLURBS will now be held on a bi-weekly basis. So we will announce this weeks winner next Friday, June 25. Don't forget to vote for your favorite commentary. Thank you.

    • 10years

      But, Blog Blurbs is the only contest I like. If you're going to put Blog Blurbs on every 2 weeks, you should at least put the Thinkfast contest back on.

  2. IngaMay

    1. Ok, I've got Krispy Kreme and coffee.
    2. Excellent! I now call the Vinyls Anonymous meeting to order. Today's agenda is identifying our vinyl addiction and…embracing it. Mmmm….vinyl.
    3. Did someone say coffee and donuts?
    4. Oh man, there she is again. I think she curled her fur…god she's so hot! Laying there in front teasing me. I just want to…wait, what? Krispy Kreme? I've got dibs on the chocolate glaze!!

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  4. 2DFury

    1. I wish I was Iron Man 2
    2. I can beat you with this axe until you think you are
    3. Ah Hell no! Yellow dude dun murdered dat stump!
    4. I wonder is anyone else can see that tiny pink elephant

  5. snooker

    1. Did anyone hear that?
    2. What?
    3. Are you smoking the wrong stuff again?
    4. Yeap. Told him to get weed and not twig.

  6. ewang

    1. It's a ….
    2. Small,
    3. Small,
    4. Wooooooorld!

  7. @Phlocaine

    1. I don't think ANY of this is flammable….
    2. We could always just give it a try
    3.I think I made a mess….
    4. What's that smell?

  8. Kait Martin

    1. "So what else did that guy from the future say? 'Save the Cookies, Save the World' right?"

    2. "I think so…I was kinda hungry at the time…"

    3. "WHOA! Where did that fuzzy white guy come from??"

    4. "やったー!!!” (YATTA!)

  9. Visualdarkness

    1. "Hi ho! Hi ho!"
    2. "..its off to work we go!"
    3. "First Hakuna Matata, and now this?!"
    4. "God….I knew I shoulda gone to the Kozik party instead"

  10. Visualdarkness

    1. "Did anyone see the premiere of True Blood?"
    2. "Yea man! That scene with Sam and Bill…"
    3. "what was up with that?!"
    4 "…did no one else find that hot?"

  11. Visualdarkness

    1. "Guyssss, look what I brought…let's get crazy!"
    2. "Awww c'mon! I thought we agreed this would be a clean trip for once!"
    3. "Don't be a noob, Steve."
    4. "pfft…I coulda brought the good stuff.."

  12. Visualdarkness

    May I just ask how many times we're allowed to enter?

  13. @GT1220

    1. Ok…You guys won't believe it but I found a 7-eleven outside the forest.

    2. Oh big deal, I chopped wood.

    3. Hee hee hee…little do they know that I'm spying on them.

    4.Ugh..who invited that stupid pink elephant.

  14. Christian Gallardo

    1.fresh candy for all!
    2.Ive been carving this stump ever since you got here
    3. forget that stuff, blog you later
    4.Its hot the fur is making me sweat

  15. The_63rd_Ninja

    1. Hey, look at what I found in the woods.
    2. Yay, we can eat them and tell scary stories by the fire.
    3. Yippy skippy i'll start the fire.
    4. Where are those three topless girls when I need them to rescue me?

  16. wutang

    1. I really think we need a new home. Where running out of fish and cookies.
    2. What about Jeremyville…
    3. or Brooklyn. Although, there might not be much fish and cookies there either.
    4. Guys, I'm getting really hot in all this fur. Will someone please shave it off.

  17. kenbo604

    1. Whoooo wants cannddyy?!
    2. Dooot Dooot Dooot dootdoot!
    3. IIII want cannndd….
    4. *poooooooot*

  18. Luka

    1. Let's sing a song. How bout' the Campfire song song. (Singing) Let's gather round' the campfire and sing our campfire song.
    2. (Singing) Our C-A-M-P F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song.
    3. (Also singing) And if you don't think that we can sing it faster than your wrong, but it'll help if you just sing along.
    4. Um… Uh… I don't really know the rest of the song. Sorry guys.

  19. 10years

    1. Hey! Who ate all our wood?

    2. Wasn't me.

    3. I'm ready to pounce.

    4. What are all these platypus doing here?

  20. Milo

    1. Who wants some yummy cookies I found in the forest?
    2. Go back and get some chicken!!
    3. I like forest cookies!!
    4. Where are we………………?