BLOG BLURBS – 7/9/10

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photo submission by Andrea K. from Atlanta.

Welcome to the KRonikle’s photo caption contest, BLOG BLURBS! Every other Friday at 7 pm EST a new toy diorama will be posted here on the KRonikle. This week enter to win Neon Orange Polka Dot 10-inch Labbit by Frank Kozik, by leaving comments of what you think the toys are talking about. Click the thumbs up to vote on your favorite quotes. Voting booth closes Friday July 23 at 6pm EST. BLOG BLURBS runs for 2 weeks and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. So let the creative juices flow and check back to see what develops. We will announce the winner on Friday, July 23.

Got an eye for detail? Submit your own scenario for future BLOG BLURBS contests. Compose your favorite toys in a creative setting and get it posted up on the KRonikle. Email with your best shot.

Congratulations to Erin V. for your winning commentary. You have won The Bride by Joe Capobianco.


58 Responses

  1. wbrown

    2. creep
    3. freak
    4. just look at this lion

  2. Jen

    1. Look, that dunny's got a savage streak a miles deep! It's a killer!
    2. What's he do? Nibble your bum?
    3. Aaaauuuggghhhh!
    4. Do you think he could have mean, 'Camaaaauuuuggghhhh'?

  3. Kidrobotkid

    1. Well if somebody did not shoot me in da face i would get us out.
    2. chill dude he is a ninja he cant help it!
    3. hey yellow dude yer next if you do not shut up.
    4. dang these guys are shush shush down here.

  4. Jen

    1. "Fool!"
    2. "I'm on the Brute Squad."
    3. . "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
    4. "I loved once, it worked out badly."

  5. Michael Shaw Talley

    1: so what do you think she is going to do to us??

    2: I heard her say something about ping pong balls!

    3: oh heck no,I have been down that road before!!!

    4: if only we were 8 inchers, if only………

  6. Johnny Boos

    1. great oh great how do i get rid of this blood…and the dead body…what about the police? oh crap…
    2. it is a lovely day nothing can go wrong…nothing at all
    3. once boss hears about me finding the killer, he HAS to give me a raise
    4. there's a disturbance here sonny see, my senses are telling me something is wrong see.

  7. billy bookstaverez

    1. I had to eat hom…who's next!
    2.Pssst….truth or dare?
    3. My ex wife was bunny……yu wanna see what happened to her?
    4. hey, did yu notice the kinky raindeer? tonight should be interesting.

  8. kidrobotkid

    1. Well if somebody did not shoot me in da face i would get us out.
    2. chill dude he is a ninja he cant help it!
    3. hey yellow dude yer next if you do not shut up.
    4. dang these guys are shush shush down here.

  9. Polyester

    1. I know I'm gonna win this…..
    2. I have 5000 close personal friends on Facebook who are gonna vote for me no matter what I say.
    3. Poot.
    4. Belch.

  10. Jen

    Thanks for answering wheelbarrow. Anyone can get hundreds of their FB people to vote for them then the comment is considered funny just because the vote says so?
    This should go strictly on the KRonikle’s operators and not votes.

  11. Jen

    SO, does the winner get picked by the KRonikle’s operators or does it just go by who gets the most votes?

  12. Jeff Lassiter

    1. I am SOOOOOO dead!
    2. You are SOOOOO dead!
    3. This is all your fault!
    4. UGH! He gets three wishes and the last one is "I wish we were all in 'Oz!" And doesn't say which one? He is SOOOOO dead!

  13. samward21

    1. Why, o why did I let them watch Jurrasic Park?
    2. So people will be driven past us in jeeps…
    3. Yeah and they will pay to see us. We're gonna make a fortune
    4. Somehow the park on the film looked a lot bigger!

  14. Domenic Lisi

    1. Oh gosh its everywhere.
    2. Im scared…
    3. I knew you would spill it!
    4. Damn girl you lookin finee

  15. Jen

    1. I don't think so. The blood isn't mine.
    2. Are you hurt?
    3. Smells human.
    4. Looks like now's your chance.

  16. bowo baghaskara

    1.damn! what’s wrong with me?..
    2. let me ouuut.
    3.shut up dude!!.
    4.hey dude, what do you think?

  17. Jeff JepRocks Ocampo

    1. I wonder if this will scar, all I know is I'm never snowboarding ever again.
    2. I like yellow.. Lets to make yellow snow!!
    3. I can't believe you broke my snowboard, thats going to cost you a leg… literally.
    4. I'm glad we didn't go snowboarding with them, I had a great time last night.

  18. daniella graner

    1. omg, this red bastard threw up on my face…ew
    2. why am i here! I'm a blonde dunny for god's sake!
    3. Shut up you princess, do you want me to throw up on you too?
    4. nice afro babe

  19. Jen

    1. Curse my vinyl body, I wasn't fast enough!
    2. Much to learn, you still have.
    3. The dunny's who fall are the most dangerous of all.
    4. You've got beautiful fur. I can't even see your seams!

  20. Christian Gallardo

    1.Please no more fighting cause I cant see with this blood in my eyes!
    2.Every day im getting mauled !
    3.I need to feed!
    4.You look delicous

  21. Robin Chang

    2. What was that loud thump from under us?
    4. HAY THERE PURTY, wanna get outta here and head over to my place *wink wink nudge nudge*?

  22. J81theKing

    1. …help!
    2. So how long do you think til they find you?
    3. Looks like fresh meat on the menu tonight.
    4. Do you want some "product" for your hair?

  23. Luna Chang

    1. Arg.. Can you guys shut up while I get this BUBBLEGUM out of my FUR! >:(
    2. What's up with the newbie? Attacked by a paintball??
    3. Maybe he likes to pick fights! Get it straight, boy, NO ONE messes with me!!! *Muahahaha*
    4. No, he's a Dunny killer, and we're all next! SOS!

  24. Kat

    1. Oh no! I sneezed a watermelon bogey!
    2. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
    3. My reaction is…eww! Gross!
    4. Undo the bad luck, team!

  25. HoodieHawk

    1.I wish they would stop fighting!

    2.I’m glad that I tranfered to the top shelf,
    away from my psyco brother,YOU HEAR

    3.YA,SHUT UP!

    4.Hey,gimmie a kiss and I’ll make them
    shut up.

  26. Johnny Duncan

    1.Maaaan I'm so bloody
    2.I've seen this movie
    3.Hey guys does this knife make me look scary?
    4.Mmmmm I like yo hair

  27. Polyester

    1. shi*t– i knew I shouldn't have come to Sweeney for a shave
    2. Hair cut at Fleet Street and you're Dunny Meat (pie)
    3. You're the one who told me about this place— you Jerk!
    4. Hey sweetie. You up for a last call before we get baked?

  28. Eric Wirjanata

    1.i don't belong here
    2. hey dude, that bloody dunny wants to run away
    3. no worry dude, i'll add some more blood in his face, if he ever try to run.
    4. hey… how you doin cutie?

  29. Polyester

    1. chicken coop
    2. pie safe
    3.youth hostel

  30. sparkly_sparkly

    1. I can't believe someone just left those jelly donuts lying around… they were soo good.

    2. Did..somebody say donuts?..I like donuts..


    4. Do you think we should tell them we put laxatives in there? Hehehe..

  31. Jack Thompson

    1. well, this is cosy
    2. bagsy his legs! err if i can get down there
    3. nice try but i'm the one with a knife, there my legs
    4. mmm, that lion looks tasty…

  32. Jasmine

    1. eghhh… i don't feel to good
    2. ohh my god, i think some was just sick down there…gross
    3. dude that is just nasty…. can i touch it
    4. i think your pretty.

  33. michael talley

    1: so what do you think she is going to do to us??
    2: I heard her say something about ping pong balls!
    3: oh heck no,I have been down that road before!!!
    4: if only we were 8 inchers, if only………

  34. Jay

    1. OH NO.. They shot me first.. Uhhhhh…

    2. Uh, yeahhh. not the best time to be neon fricken yellow!!! LOOK OUT!!!!

    3. Hey! do you guys smell that.?!?!

    4. He he.. Um.. I may have just pooped a little..

  35. commando 22

    1. Why is everyone starring at me???

    2.I’m sooo bored!!! Anyone wanna play cards?

    3. Hey you in the middle, watching to much Twilight!! Muhaha I’m gonna bite you!

    4. Would you shut up, at least I don’t scare little children!!

  36. Ormi6a

    1. " I cant believe they start with the ears first, what a bloody mess"
    2. " Where's P.E.T.A. when you need them? "
    3. " So ahh… you gonna eat the rest of that? "
    4. " Hi! You want to play Uno? "

  37. Robert Lee Anthony Lugo

    1. Mmm… That cherry pie was great!!!
    2. Why are you holding my hand? I want to get some pie.
    3. LET'S GET'EM GUYS!! He ate all the pie!!!
    4. I wonder if he wore a hairnet when he made that pie?!?

  38. mackezIe

    3. Oh noes, weve been captured.
    2. no doubt by a crazy sculpting welder.
    1. not again!
    4. weeeelderrr….

  39. Dan Bergeron

    1. Ok who's throwing food.
    2. What happend to the salt & peppa
    3. Mmmmm me hungry me want Dun Dun
    4. Maybe i'm flocked but this guy is totally givin me a hairball.

  40. Jamin

    1. I don't know how much more of this i can take..
    2. *singing badly* in the jungle….the mighty jungle…..the lion sleeps tonight
    3. *singing very out of key* aweeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a ohhh umm muum away
    4. *whispering* this is not going to be pretty..

  41. Michelle

    1. “AH! HELP! THEY”VE PEELED MY SKIN! Cool, i’m pink inside.
    2. Oh shut up thats nothing, I look like Pikachu’s ugly cousin, thats ten times worse.
    4. *whisper* pfft they think they got it bad. wait till they see you my furry fellow.

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  43. Xtian Vázquelin

    1. Ohh, It's this Blood?
    2. This is really Happening?
    3. It's a Ghost. Stab it !!!
    4. Sshhhh , Don't Say a Word! …..They look pretty dummy

  44. Christopher Adriano Quijano

    1) that was a very good meal i think ill like it here
    2) im so happy that every one is getting along
    3) his the one took all of are food
    4) OMG his so FULFFY!!

  45. chris

    1) oh my i think some thing on my face.
    2) I'm glad to see every one is every motivated
    3) hey! his eat all the food let's get him!
    4) awkward!>>>

  46. vinylheart31

    1.It was the new guy…
    2. I think the sedative is kicking in, now let's use his horn to cut through the wire
    3. Sket One ketchup?
    4. Your vinyl is the shade of a ripe Remet banana.

  47. Melissa Nhan

    1. uh oh I need to go poopy…
    2. Hey! you wanna eat some chocolate chip brownies?
    3. mmmmm I want some with mocha chip ice cream
    4. What's that smell… Did you just poop?

  48. Hunter Fyffe

    1. Next time, I make it out of here without getting blood all over my face.
    2. You know, when Joe put us into our boxes, he'd promised freedom.
    3. YEAH! All I see around here is a bunch of prisoners, where's our freedom!?
    4. Uh guys… Might want to tone it down a bit, this new guy seems a little… Different, and possibly violent.

  49. 10years

    1. Everybody listen! In honor of the first gathering of "Club Vinyl," we will discuss the designs in Dunny series 2011.

    2. Who put the 2009 Dunny in charge?

    3. Where free food?! You promise free food!!!

    4. Hey baby. Ever gone out with "flocked vinyl?"

  50. Jonathan Ikemura

    1. How do I get this Cherry Soda stain out?
    2. I wonder what all the racket is about down there
    3. HAHAHAHA!! totally fell for it
    4. Do you think he opened that Cherry Soda yet? hehehe…

  51. rustedhalo

    1. I'm gonna kill everyone in here if they don't let me out
    2. hey Joe, whaddaya know?
    3. not much Joe, hows about you?
    4. Will you two shut up already!

  52. Quentin

    #1: Get me out of here…I dont know what they are going to do to me!
    #2: Its so lonely up here… These guys are too quiet.
    #3: …I could probably chew him up since I'm hungry….or I could try to chew my way out of here..
    #4: He looks odd..but I do like his fur!