BLOG BLURBS – 8/6/10

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Welcome to the KRonikle’s bi-weekly photo caption contest, BLOG BLURBS! Every other Friday at 7 pm EST a new toy diorama will be posted here on the KRonikle. This week enter to win a t-shirt from our new Fall Apparel, by leaving comments of what you think the toys are talking about. Click the thumbs up to vote on your favorite quotes. Voting booth closes Friday August 20 at 6pm EST. BLOG BLURBS runs for 2 weeks and it’s up to you to fill in the blanks. So let the creative juices flow and check back to see what develops. We will announce the winner on Friday, August 20.

Got an eye for detail? Submit your own scenario for future BLOG BLURBS contests. Compose your favorite toys in a creative setting and get it posted up on the KRonikle. Email with your best shot.

Congratulations to Mr. MO. for your winning commentary. You have won a Ninjatown prize pack.


39 Responses

  1. Fresh

    1) Is that a strapon on your face?


    3) We came here to use you not to get with you.

    4) I don’t know, I think its seductive.

  2. Polyester

    1. Ok. Who's first?
    2. How bout this between them buns?
    3. Let me finish my cigarette. Then I'll kick your as*
    4. They say there's safety in numbers.

  3. kc1

    1. Did we order this many?
    2. Not sure but I swear I said chicken burger!
    3. You like?
    4. Hopefully they be too full to eat me…

  4. rawkkiddo

    1. Dude, we are in Canada so that means I have no worries
    2. I am screwed, they put Ketchup on their poutine in these parts
    3. After shooting for Bear Magazine I am hungry and wanting some red stuff
    4. Who cares, when do the new dunny's come out

  5. Rainer

    1. Why do they want us.

    2. I don’t know. We come out Augest 18

    3. Oh. . .

    4. I thought it said the 8th. These darn ketchup eyes!

  6. Suzan

    1. YELL-ow?! I'm not YELL-ow! Who are you calling YELL-ow?! Your nuthin but a bunch of MEATHEADS!

    2. Shhhhhhhh. Shutup dude, you know they're talkin to you. Your face says it all, that's why I told you to wear a mask. Now shut up and let me do the talkin.

    3. WTF? I just wanted a smoke break. My spatula and I are done reffing your back alley fights! But here's some food for thought… vegan burgers… hehehe…

    4. VEE-Gan?!! What's a vee-gan?! Who's a vee-gan?! WHY CAN"T YOU HEAR ME?!! Where is my mouth? Better yet, where am I? OMG! I hope this is a dream…I hope this is a dream…I hope this is a dream…I hope this is a dream…I hope this is a dream……

  7. Jen

    1. Ah, savory cheese burgers, made indigestible by Professor Putty.
    2. Nothin to worry about, these guys don't have eyes.
    3..How can you not see the delicacy of my evil?! They bleed your kind, they discharge cheese and they're covered with lethal spiny seeds!
    4. MmMm…Sweet flavorings..MMmM..sweeet fllavorings…

  8. Jen

    1. Hey is that a real beard on Darth Dunny?
    2. Yeah, oh wait! I think that's a strap around the side, No its fake.
    3. Ahhh I waited for this moment. Look around Im now a threat! You will respect me!
    4. We have met the enemy and they are ours!

  9. Jen

    1. Next time I want to be dressed like the superhero and not the sidekick.
    2. Mustard lets just do this….. Lord Cigar! You've lost and the Dunny Rulebook says you have to yield to demands!
    3. We want global Dunny domination!
    4. Resistance is futile!

  10. Frank Stangel Jr

    1. dr.frankenfoods really done it this time
    2. hold on, ill send out a signal to confuse all the robots with my new electronic nose.
    3. i, dr.frankenfood, would have gotten away with it if it wasnt for these meddling dunnys.
    4. error. doesnt compute, error. will self destruct in 10-9-8…

  11. Cari

    1. dammit! even though we disguized in all this superhero equipment they recognized us!
    2. let this be our final combat, my loyal companion!
    3. so after years of chase i finally got you! harharhar!
    4. why did i ever vote for this leader with alzheimer's disease! always forgets that there is a fridge full of ketchup and mustard at his place!

  12. Frank Stangel Jr

    1. ill take the right side you get the left.

    2.but im allergic to sesame seeds, my nose is already swelling.

    3. finally, my plan for world domination is coming together.

    4. i dont know if i can fight weighed down with all these condiments, how many times to i have to say go easy.

  13. Nici Mueller

    1. this reminds me of that scene in pirates of the caribbean 2 where they are surrounded by cannibals
    2. yeah, maybe they'll accept parley! everyone must stick to the pirates rules!
    3. the rules are more guidelines than actual rules.
    4. i wish i was given a speaking role so i could say the punchline.

  14. Ashley Hay

    1. Crap they found us Kat. We are in trouble now.
    2. Don't worry, I got a plan. These are not the condiments you are looking for.
    3. These are not the condiments we have been looking for. Move Along.
    4. hehehe Use the Fork.

  15. Seamus Donahue

    1.Ok,you take the three big macs and the four quater pounders with that crazy dude on the side.
    2.Ok,and you take the six whoppers on your side.
    3.Who you callin' crazy!I see a thearpist THREE times a day!
    4.I wonder how I would taste?

  16. Ross

    1) Nice outfit Sketchup, what's with the Groucho Mask?

    2) I was told it was a mask party. It said so on the invite

    3) Smorkin Hell. Who let the power rangers in

    4) Ah Man, these Annual Burger flipper conventions are always the same.
    Next year I'm coming as a Burrito

  17. Liam

    1) Oh no Ketchup were surrounded!
    2) I don't want to be nosey but why are you trying to kidnap us?
    3) I've forgotten. I'm very beard at remembering things.
    4) Oh great he's burgered to whole thing up.

    • Liam

      Oops typo.
      4) Oh great he's burgered the whole thing up.

  18. Mikhail

    1. Oh no, Special sauce turned the hamburger brigade against us.
    2. Where's your disguise at, forget it you run, I'll ketchup
    3. Lets see if you guys go well with a side of murder!
    4. Its finally time for us to have it "Our Way" Get them!

  19. Chanoner

    1. Red, where’s my mask man?

    2. Dude, I only had money to buy one man. Sorry!

    3. Shut up condiments! Where’s my secret sauce?

    4. Dammit! I said no pickles!

  20. Ryan Velasco

    1.I think they need us for something?
    2.They can't have us! Not without a fight.
    3.Give it up! You know where you belong.
    4.Wow?! This is gonna get sloppy?

  21. Bill.g

    1. i told you the golden ticket was a trick!
    2. well i wanted the mask, so shut up!
    3.yes, now i can make an army of these stupid burgers!
    4.stupid….i have feelings to.

  22. LeDe

    1) Tater Tots
    2) Tater Tots
    3) Tater Tots
    4) Hater Tots

  23. Steve Figueroa

    1.I don't think we'll get out of this one Catsup.
    2. Do worry Musty, I'm waaay past my shelf life. Just look at my bulging arms.
    3. Now that I've caught you I will rule the world with my burger zombies.
    4. BRAAAINS! Wait a minute… Do condiments even have brains?

  24. Rainer

    1.Why do they want us?

    2.I don’t know. We’re expired

    3.We want you for our Dunny Collection


  25. Rainer Turim

    1. Jake, I don't think the Disguise is Working
    2. Are you Sure?
    3. Ya, It's not working
    4. Its not that Bad

  26. jatv

    1. But, but… Im not delicious at all, im acid and…
    2. Please!!! Eat Mustard, im not even a condiment, i am Alex, you know from that movie!
    3. Get them boys!
    4.Oh yeah… I remember that movie, pretty good actually!

  27. nick

    1. Mustard bottles don't have necks like a ketchup bottle – why do I look like this?
    2. You're wrong, strap-ons ARE a great fashion accessory.
    3. Epic beard man says nothing.
    4. I hope Mustard and Ketchup get inside me, then Epic beard man eats me (whaaaat?).

  28. Kyle’ll never take us alive

    2.yea, you ne…… Wait what “alive?”

    3. Cut it out. Get back in the fridge and chill out.

    4. I think there for I am……. Delicious!

  29. esa chica goobs

    1) Time to show these guys the not-so-mellow side of yellow.
    2) I'll open fire and you wait for the signal and then Catch-up!
    3) You stand no chance! You'll never out-squirt this FAST FOOD!

  30. Carlos

    1. Six down!! Looks like you need to Catch-up!!!

    2.You're such a "TARD"

    3. In Mother Russia Hamburger Eats you!!

    4. Where the hell did dI leave my totem?!?! I've had enough of the "Dream World"!

  31. Mark Pessoa

    1. Ok, ok, ok, ive got another one, Mustard and Ketchup walk into a bar…

    2. I swear if this ends with 'that's not my pickle hes eating' again I'm gonna squirt MYSELF all other this place.

    3. Take your time boys, thems feisty condiments thems is.

    4. Hehehe, 'my pickle'… wait whats that supposed to mean?

  32. snooker

    1. Ket, How are we going to get out of this? I don't have enough bullets.
    2. Tard, what else? We'll have to fight our way out or we'll definitely be empty this time. There's no way they are going to fill their bottles with us.
    3. That's what I need for my burgers. A little bit of Ketchup and Mustard. The rest is yours boys. Go ahead and fill your bottles!
    4. Damn! I can't decide. Fill my bottle with Ketchup or Mustard!

  33. 10years

    1. You don't want me! I'm not Mustard, I'm uhh… uhh… Grey Poupon!

    2. Yeah, he's like poop!

    3. Gross… Grey Poupon is healthy! I can't sell anything healthy at my restaurant!

    4. Hey! Are you saying we're fat?!