Brandt Peters NY Signing Wrap-Up

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Brandt Peters Kathie Olivas KRNY Signing

Rounding off his signing tour, Brandt Peters met with fans in New York last night as part of his Dead Bunny toy launch. New York fans stood in the cold dark to catch a glimpse of the Dead Bunny’s ominous shadow. Good times had by all.

Dead Bunny wasn’t Brandt’s only companion. Kathie Olivas (secret knowledge: she’s his wife!) of the recent Dunny Fatale series was on hand, too.

Check out the craziness on Flickr.

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  1. POfan

    so Tina, it's not enough for an artist to actually inspire you, apparently they owe you a piece of themselves just because you say so?
    and it's not enough that she took time off to go to a convention (probably on her own dime) where she probably just got off a plane before the signing and then sketched for fans and gave away free buttons and postcards for 2 hours– AND as you described stayed after the signing to talk to fans and sign more toys– that wasn't enough for you either?
    Apparently she has to do your homework to get some respect? Seriously?
    If she said no she probably has her reasons; maybe she doesn't feel comfortable doing interviews, maybe she was tired after flying and signing all day, maybe she didn't hear you correctly and it's all a big misunderstanding? You need to respect a person's boundaries and have a little respect for artists as people.
    Sorry this had to sour your thread Brandt; Dead Bunny rocked!

  2. darkghost973

    dead bunny signing rocked! Brandt was nice enough to sign and doodle on a munny for me. Looking foward to the carnies

  3. TheGFM

    We were happy to have our stuff signed, and we even muled a few of the items for a KO/BP collector.

    I always thought that ComicCons were about fan involvement with whatever niche said fans are buying into. I understand that everyone has an off day, but at an event like that, one would hope that baggage would've been left at the door.

    We were at the the KR NYCC party that year and EVERY other artist there was more than happy to not only sign our stuff, but to talk to us for a few minutes – including Huck, Sket, the Baroness, etc.

    I'm not saying that Kathie is a bad person, per se, but it was kind of a slap in the face for a HUGE fan who took a bus to the city, stood in the cold until the doors opened and dropped a few bills to support her work.

  4. Tina

    At nycc 08, I was very excited to meet Kathy, who wouldn’t be? That week I had an art project due and I wanted to do it on her. She inspired me to paint again. Once we got up to the signing booth I asked polietly asked if I can ask her a few questions, I even said it was for a project. Her direct quote was I have no time and I’m very busy… Yeah what a shut down. You would think it would be a compliment if a fan was appreciating your work. This was after the signing becuase I know like me people wanted there toys signed. This more or less turned me off in collecting any of her toys. I guess you really are never suppose to me the people you look up to.

    Thegfm and I spent atleast 500$ at thier booth, especially on kathy’s hazel. The least she could of done was answer a question or two. I was actually more excited to talk to her then getting the toy itself.

  5. Brandt Peters

    thegfm, Retarded_Post and Nick,

    Thanks for sharing and bringing something lame to my experience… Other than this – it was a great night! Thank you all!!! I tried to give everyone sketches and signed pieces – I gave away free stuff – and still it was not enough for some. Did it not cross your minds and did you not think that it was planned that way between Kidrobot, Nichole and myself… And that Kathie was there just in support of my night – of Dead Bunny. Kathie actually did take time for signed pieces – so thanks to those who stood up for us on this post!

    Hey guys – Nice cheap shots! Talk about lame…

    You can write me directly if you feel differently – just hit up my website – my contact info is there…


    • Laura Crenshaw

      Brandt!! You AND Kathie were FANTASTIC- she gave us both pins which was really awesome of her and we were so extremely excited about it. We adore our new dead bunnies!! Thank you both for the great experience and please don't be discouraged by the ungrateful bastards above.


      • TheGFM

        The ungrateful bastards who took off work for three days, took a 3hr. bus trip to the city and dropped 500 buckaroos for her goods, right? What bastards we are. Total bastards.

  6. jccan

    For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of meeting Kathie or Brandt please ignore the posts by these few individuals who obviously have an agenda; because their statements "she's too good to talk to fans" and that she "TAGGED ALONG AS A BIG TEASE!!!" couldn't be further from the truth.

  7. jccan

    I have to say that those of you talking smack about Kathy are completely out of line and out of touch. For starters this was Brandt's signing not hers, which means she's there to support Brandt her husband, and if she wants to do so by passing the time on her phone so be it; because she's there for him not us, and that's beautiful thing. Secondly did you ever stop to think that maybe she was working on her phone. It's possible she was making posts to their web site; which they are both very active on. Then again you may have just come off like an ass similarly to how you come off on your above post, and therefore she choose not to pay too much attention to you. I can say that I have had the pleasure of meeting Kathie and Brandt on a couple of occasions; one of which was the Miami Dead Bunny signing; and on both occasions they have been very personable, kind, and gracious. In fact at the Miami event Kathie and I had a good 10-minute conversation while Brandt customized a munny for another customer, and when the customer joined in on our conversation she responded as if he had been in the conversation the whole time.

  8. lomodepollo

    Dude it was his night and she was nice enuff to sign 2 things for me and he was super cool….btw the way great pc "Dead Bunny" cant wait for the next pc in the series

  9. nick

    i agree i thought she was his wife or something? she didn't want to associate herself with fans

  10. tom

    Kathie was mad cool. and i pulled 2 of her fatale dunnys and she signed both of them

  11. thegfm

    Kathie Olivas was there? Wow. Usually she’s too good to talk to fans – like at NYCC. But, hey – that iPhone’s WAY too important.

    I guess sales must be down.

    • Retarded_Post