Candy The Magic Dinosaur, Episode 2 “Candy Falls in Love”

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Candy The Dinosaur Episode 2: “Candy Falls in Love”

From animation team asittingduck comes the latest, hilarious Candy the Magic Dinosaur video. When Candy finds the lady of his dreams, it seems disappointment is inevitable. But he soon discovers a solution to his dilemma, giving new meaning to the phrase “love conquers all.”

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15 Responses

  1. David Edwards

    “Candy The Magic Dinosaur” – Episode 3 – Out in August! :]

  2. David Edwards

    Candy The Magic Dinosaur will have a villain in the next episode!.

  3. Luke Hyde

    Matt flash said:

    “if i make a video animation of me and candy wedding can you put it on your site?”

    of corse! do it!

  4. Luke Hyde

    WOOT! Thanks for all the nice nice kind nice words yall!

    working on epp 3 at the mo, word of advice people! if your using flash, save your work every 3-5 mins!!! i kid you not, it LOVES to crash…seriously…. its done it like 3 times today already and i only started at 11:00!

    ah wells, big love (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


    p.s soph smells like rotten poos xx

  5. sofe

    congrats on the imence feedback guys!
    looking forward to more candy shananigans.



    luke, bum face ^-^

  6. Matt Flash

    This is a super cool video. I’m going to go make a life size costume and send you a picture. I love candy. Why cant people be more like candy.

    If i make a video animation of me and candy wedding can you put it on your site?

  7. Jackie

    Candy rocks!!! Hr’s so awsome!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  8. David Edwards

    Thanks for the submission KR!, legends