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After completing the prototype a few years ago, Don’t Feed The Swedes have finally produced their graf inspired functional art stool, CAP. It wasn’t easy since the suits and fashion folk couldn’t grasp the concept as art and furniture, so DFTS created their own factory to produce objects, furniture and other worldly desirables.

With Cap we want to pay homage to an artform and culture which has inspired and provoked thoughtful expression across the world; Graffiti. It’s an iconic tribute piece to the personalities and works which gives Cap its inspiration. We hope that you’ll use it as it was intended – to make your own lasting statement of individuality.

CAP is made with recyclable plastic for indoor or outdoor use. Hit up DTFS Factory to get one of your own.

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    • the dooderino

      thats something alot cooler and bigger. thanks for the link.

    • 0717

      Sanders version is a lot more detailed, and a bit more expensive. I believe he was to first to do this chair, and i prefer his version over the plastic one.

  1. Berlin

    Yes!!! this is a great birthday present for one ex sprayer

      • Andreas

        The material ts MDPE and Cap is made through rotomolding.

        Some more specs:
        Measure: 48x39cm, Weight: apr.5.5kg
        For indoor and outdoor use
        Produced in Sweden
        All caps are individualy numbered

        Best /Andreas (DFTS)