Cucos Costume Contest Winners!

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Cucos Nightmare Bunny by Patricio Oliver

Congrats to Alicia B of Buffalo, NY! Patricio Oliver chose the Nightmare Bunny as the winner and illustrated your costume as a Cucos character! You’ll receive a print of this art and a complete set of Cucos mini figures.

Our runners up are Jeff B’s Raven Boy and WESTKYLEVIRUS’s Dr. Loon E. Tick. You got a Kidrobot goodie bag and $25 gift certificate coming your way!

You can see all the contestants to the Cucos Costume Contest right here!

Patricio Oliver’s Cucos minis are available now at Kidrobot stores, select retailers and on

10 Responses

  1. Alicia B.

    Oh, wow wow wow – I LOVE the art; thank you so much! I don’t really know what to say, other than I’m honored to have been picked out of so many wonderfully creative costumes. Everyone did an amazing job.

  2. Patricio oliver

    Thanks to everyone for sending your entries for the contest! It was really fun to be the judge in such a creative contest! ! And congratulation to the winners!!! Great job!

  3. Bergerbot

    i had a feeling nightmare bunny was going to win…i was going through the entries and was struck by the unique, yet simple costume…it is very reminiscent of the entire cucos style…dark yet not too grotesque… likable macabre if you will


    Congrats to Alicia B and Patricio Oliver for an awesome costume and some damn fine artwork. I actually really liked the Raven boy costume, that one was really neat. I’m just surprised I got picked =D