Custom ROOZ BOMBER By Mister Darkboy

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This customized ROOZ BOMBER is a submissions for the MUNNYWORLD MEGACONTEST by Mister Darkboy. Sleekly styled with aerodynamic features including twin engines on each side, custom sculpted turbine face and many more finely tuned details.

“The main inspiration for this project was the cold war and a corroded, weathered, rusted jet such as the blackbird.”

Get in on the massive DIY action before time runs out. The MUNNYWORLD MEGACONTEST ends April 30.

15 Responses

  1. @ArtmyMind

    Well said Rsin, just enjoy the fun of the contest guys. There is a lot of beautiful pieces of art this year. Congratulation to everyone participating and giving us such a nice show off.

  2. rsinart

    The fact that KR decided to post this on their blog shouldn't matter. Nothing unfair about it. There is a panel of judges, and very talented artist, that I am sure will not be swayed to picking this cause of a post on this blog. Nonsense guys, the contest shouldn't always be about winning, or whos better then who, but just participating and helping the scene grow. The only way I see an argument here is if this guy ends up winning, till then just enjoy the contest and support each other.

  3. Hypebeast

    I think there are too many haters and work like this should be celebrated. As an artist my self I know how hard it is to get a break. Good on misterdarkboy! Great website too!

    • Mary

      Of course it should be celebrated, it is a GREAT job. But the problem is that it's just a "free" advertising on the site that promotes a competition.

      In the post is shown SIX pictures, while other participants will not have the right to send TWO. A bit unfair, no?

  4. BobbyLaLa

    Why not include it? Its a brilliant bit of artwork and totally original. It just sets the bar higher for everyone else doesn’t it?! I l

      • Stuart Biesbroek

        I have two pieces posted in the contest this year. I feel no anger or jealousy towards this custom being posted. In fact it only inspires my future customs that I plan to create. Seeing someone think outside the box like this artist created should not be a negative issue. This contest isn't about winning, its about growing the art scene. If it was about winning then the prize would be cash money.

  5. Jon

    Actually, yes, I would ask for it to be removed if it was me. Why? I think it’s called sportsmanship. Also, I know how it would make others feel. I feel the same way as Mary and I know that’s how people would feel if it had been me.

    • Harryhodown

      Wow it seems like its unsportsman like to start accusing people of getting preferential treatment, and also INCREDIBLY immature. I've looked through all of the entries and this clearly the best.

  6. Mary

    This is already the winner?

    “Get an Exclusive Feature on and the KRonikle”

    I do not think that is a very ethical to give emphasis to a single artist, before the conclusion of the contest.

    • Kidrobot

      No. There is no where in this post that it says he is a winner. Please don't assume this is a form of favoritism. It was a custom design that the artist emailed in to the KRonikle that just so happened to be in the contest. We like to feature cool customs on the KRonikle. Hope you enjoy. ;)

      • Mary

        It is a beautiful custom, but anyway, he is in a competition like any other. The other hundreds of artists who are participating would like to have an exclusive post like this too. Think about it. ;)

        • diablotexas

          This happens all the time. Last contest, we were all up in arms because they featured someone who clearly created theirs a long time ago, as it was posted in their yahoo pictures a long time ago and entering it was not complying with the rules of the contest. Kidrobot doesn't really put too much into it, they just post something that catches their eye.
          I agree with you that a lot of us that work hard would KILL for such publicity so be happy for the person that got it. If it was you, would you ask to be removed because of fairness?