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  1. willow408

    See some very familiar names here, there’s gonna be some awesome submissions. Gonna have to come outta vinyl retirement for this one, I’m glad I found it.

  2. KaMo

    I see some familiar artist from the “Coalesce” show getting down with this contest. I might be one of the Old Heads but that doesn’t make me confident I’ll get in with all the talent out there. “I’m nervous,I just want to be successful no matter what happens.Buona Fortuna

  3. nerviswr3k

    hello all, looks like im gonna give this a try, even though i probly dont stand a chance, seeing that some heavy hitters are in on this!!!

  4. Debra "Bee" Rohlfs

    I’ve actually been itching to customize a Munny for a long time now, and this gives me a good excuse to break down and buy a mini Munny to customize!

    I’ve been customizing My Little Pony toys for several years now, so this should prove to be just as much fun! ^_^


  5. Ian

    If I can enter my 4 inch Munny, I will most certainly submit mine

  6. Blake

    dis is ballin im gonna be sendin in my bad gone good dunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. kellyv

    entering my lil brokenhearted munny-
    go for it guys raise the bar!

  8. grimsheep

    This feels very epic. It’s definitely gonna be tough getting one of those spots though. I do hope they will post all the entries somewhere; they’re gonna be crazy!

  9. abidoobi

    Too many good artists already…

    Eh, i’ll enter anyway.

  10. Frenchie

    too much to do, not enough time… I’ll try my best to enter, it would be awesome to be part of this!

  11. AW177

    Wow. I’d love to enter this but I’ve mostly done dunnys…and w/ this much talent going in, I doubt I would win a spot!

  12. Concurso Munny Customizado « DESIGNEANDO NEWS – As Novidades do Mundo do Design

    […] Fonte: Kidroboto KRonikle […]

  13. pocketwookie

    JPK gonna bring the pain now too! I totally agree with you, Rsin. Insane talent out there. I was thinking about it last night, and I seriously could not narrow it down to 5. Where’s Southern Drawl, Grimsheep, Squink, Reactor, Lou Pimentel, Sketchguy… geeze, the list just goes on and on. These are just the ones off the top of my head!

  14. SteveOramA

    I just submitted mine! This is a great opportunity! Thank you!

  15. Rsinart

    Pocketwookie you better enter…I’d like to see some of the older customizers in this. I know even with all I’ve done my chances are slim. This would be pretty awesome tho.

    The ammount of talent that I’ve seen on the Munny over the past 2 years is insane. Limited to 5, I’d hate to be the people to pick this.

  16. D.O.M.E.

    Wow! It’s time to show what we capable of.. We shouldn’t miss this one, guys!

  17. Shauntil Janies

    im not very good at it but i did a mini munny not too long ago ill have to submit mine at a later time since im at work but iam looking forward to seeing alot of peoples submissons

  18. RsinArt

    I’ve done over 60 munnys I want IN!!! Sending pics later tonight.

  19. droppixel

    looks like I better finish the one I have been working on for while pretty soon…

  20. TMH

    I’m on this! Will do a mini Munny due to time, but then again, I’m good at fiddly detail eh? ;)

    My custom work has so improved since the Munny Mobile comp.

  21. Annie C.

    I’ve had my naked Munny for years. Now I HAVE to do something with him!