Customizers Love Chuckboy’s Cyborg Dunny

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Chuckboy’s epic Cyborg Dunnys from the 2Tone series is quite possibly one of the greatest production sculpts to customize. There is an ongoing thread on KR’s Forums dedicated to just that. Here are a bunch of creative interpretations by customizers in the vinyl community including: FAS, Squink, Southern Drawl, Grimsheep, Fuller Designs, JonPaul Kaiser, Zam, Grapheart, Dril One, Ardabus Rubber, Trex Wang, Bryan Collins, another-waiver, hova1979, Chrisosaur and TazX. Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. danii

    too bad my gf does not allow me to customize any of these, since she love them all too much. good stuff here!

  2. Matt&Leah Vares

    You guys make SUPER AWSOME Chuckboy creations!!! We'd love to fiind out the different types of paints,air brushes,acceories,& where could we buy the products to create our own styles on afew of the hunderds we've bought already!! thanks alot guys keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!