Daily Dunny 2010 – Day 5

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UPDATED: 8/6/10

The countdown to Dunny Series 2010 is ticking away. Everyday through August 19, Kidrobot is exposing a new photo of a design with a daily contest. Peep the map of launch party locations located all around the world. Today’s Daily Dunny is the Ninja Tiger designed by Huck Gee.

Contest: What does Huck like to do in his spare time?

Enter to win a 3-inch Mustard Dunny by Sket One. Email the correct answer to Dunny2010@kidrobot.com by 11:59 pm PST tonight to enter the drawing.

Congratulations to Barbara B. you won a Mustard Dunny.

The correct answer is: When not busy planning world domination, Huck spends his free time chasing skirts and pretending to be a race car driver.

14 Responses

  1. droppixel

    The fact that this is a common is going to make this series a huge hit imo – Huck's stuff is so nice that everyone should be able to have at least 1 of his Dunny designs.

    • the dooderino

      that would be awesome if there was a whole series of huck dunnys

  2. Liam

    I'm glad there's a Huck Gee dunny in this series. I really like his art style.

  3. Christian Gallardo

    that one is just like the golden ticket i have when i brought it to the grand opening of kidrobot dallas

  4. lynxed

    Okay, I definitely want that one! Ninja Tiger ftw!