Daily Dunny Ice Cream Contest Entries

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e9fbb5c8c340b1b0ab706db8603a1b79-1Time is ticking down to Dunny Series 2010 and the contests just get wackier. Day 4’s Daily Dunny challenge was inspired by Esther Kim’s I Scream For Ice Cream Dunny. The deal was to take a real ice cream cone and put it upside down on your head in order to enter the drawing to win a Dunny Series 4 Golden Ticket. Hilarity ensues!

Congratulations to Giuseppe V. You won the drawing from all correct submissions! Thank you to everyone for playing along. Hopefully it was as fun for you as it was for us viewers.

Stay tuned because everyday until August 19, Kidrobot will reveal a new photo of one design from DS 2010 along with a contest to win super cool things.

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10 Responses

  1. Nici

    @laszlo haha i faked too, as my entry doesn't contain neither an actual head nor an actual ice cream

  2. Laszlo

    Ha ha . I faked it . Shaving foam in ice creams cones. Not wasting good ice cream . These silly comps have made my boring week at work more tolerable . Cheers kr

  3. Nick

    so do I get anything for being the kid on the front page? Haha jk, congrats to the winner =p