Death to False Vinyl Rally Tomorrow in NYC!

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Kidrobot Real Vinyl

Join us TOMORROW, Friday, September 4th, from 11:30am-1:30pm at Houston & Lafayette, just off Broadway in NYC!

We will be giving away over a thousand Dunnys to show the city of New York what’s a REAL vinyl toy! Wear your  “DEATH TO FALSE VINYL” shirt and join our rally!!

Two full hours of FREE Dunnys, shirts, stickers and more (while supplies last)!

Friends don’t let friends collect crappy toys.

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  1. Raul

    This is a waste of time, kidrobot is overreacting. These toys are for adults as for bellhedz are for kids. they imitate cool stuff all the time just ignore this.

  2. Brown Charlie

    My heart goes out to all of the people at Kid Robot that MIKKO MERONEN OF STROTTMAN ripped off. Several industry sources have confirmed that Kid Robot has issued a cease and desist letter to Taco Bell, and Taco Bell has been cooperative. I have received thousands of emails from people joining the boycott until Taco Bell removes all Bell Hedz from all locations. The public is tired of corporate scandals where big companies pick on the small guy. Taco Bell has an opportunity to do the right thing here. First, they need to issue a public apology and remove all Bell Hedz. Second, they need to settle with Kid Robot. Finally, they need to show that they do not associate with companies that rip people off and hurt their livelyhoods. The Taco Bell investors will be hurt by the fallout of this as well, similar to the Bernie Madoff investors. MIKKO MERONEN AND STROTTMAN have been around long enough to know how badly this will hurt Kid Robot. Yet, they had no creative ideas of their own and ripped them off. On their website it says they understand what motivates and inspires kids. Is teaching kids to steal motivating and inspiring? MIKKO MERONEN thinks so. Finally, here is my advice to the STROTTMAN employees that keep trying to save their jobs by writing comments on here. It’s time to dust off your resume and make a run for the border!

  3. BergerBot

    translate what cl3an3h is trying to say:

    “LOL this is probably the saddest thing I have ever seen. You all cry like babies (something something). I hope you git plastic stuck up your starfish. I expect that Kidrobot worked with them (Tacobell) to promote (something). Fools.

    Something!! (I’m guessing f-you)


  4. cl3an3h

    lol this is probably the saddest thing i r eveh see. U r all cry like that, like babeh in tuh pooey nappeh. I r hop3 u git plastik toyz stuk up ur starfeesh. Spekt keedrobutt werk wit dem n pro moat wunnuvveh. FoolZ.




    hey what the hell i want some free product!! give it away in sacramento Califorina. lol. EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN NEW YORK!

  6. Catherine J. Cruz

    hey KR! you know LA is all about the vinyl toy community!!!

    And for those who aren’t supporting the move,

    It’s not about the kids, or fueling the fire and because of it you’re only giving them more press,

    IT’S ABOUT BEING ORIGINAL. they could’a done Bellhedz with NEW and ORIGINAL designs! instead they jacked it. And note that it’s not just from Kidrobot, it’s from actual artists, who worked hard to actually get where they are now…to a point where they are pioneering the vinyl toy scene.

    I’ve been asked by a client before to copy an existing design on a shirt already being sold by a well known company. The client asked me to copy the exact work plus add other elements to a shirt he’s working to release. I’ve given him other ideas without copying what was already a printed design, but he was set on this one. I explained to him what I stand for as an artist, and that’s to remain original and of all things, not steal existing works. He proceeded to ask someone else willing to forge for him. Now, he’s selling those shirts.

    If there’s one thing I learned from becoming an Illustrator, its that I should never take someone else’s work, tweak it a little bit, and call it my own. While a lot of people get away with it, it doesn’t mean everyone should. Given the company who pitched to Taco Bell is probably more responsible, I still give a lot of respect to Kidrobot for not sitting back and let a company take what’s theirs.

    TRUTH is ORIGINALITY is what get’s you somewhere. And it seems like Kidrobot knows that full well. Whether or not it affects them because they are already a well established company with great following, it doesn’t mean they should not stand up and fight for ART and ARTISTS.

  7. BergerBot

    This can potentially be a good thing for KR. With Tacobell introducing a low-quality, dunny look-a-like, those that have never heard of kidrobot or of vinyl toys will become aware of them.
    The majority of those getting the bellheadz will be little children, therefore Tacobell is exposing them to the vinyl/blind-box genre of toys. Since Tacobell is a restaurant first and a toymaker 2nd (or 3rd or 4th), they will not be coming out with new editions that often (if at all depending on the success of this initial promotion). Therefore, those children that adopt the vinyl toy culture will have to seek more toys elsewhere. And this is where Kidrobot comes in. These kids will most likely make the jump to kidrobot when they realize the higher quality of the toys.
    The question is how to use this Tacobell promotion to Kidrobot’s immediate advantage. The rally they have going on is one thing (I was already there and there is no real rally. The block is empty of protesters. Most people are across the street at the tacobell truck or down the block at the BAPE Pirate Store opening). Perhaps teaming up with food-chains could be an effective marketing scheme to expand their brand’s recognition (although the hard-core KR fans would be totally pissed (though few will actually stop buying the toys)).


    Mikko Meronen and Tom Tretter are the boys behind this… I think they did their job right, but I still want to kick them in the nads! Oh well Taco Bell should be happy with those 2.

  9. Duane

    Are you the guys that wait in line at comic conventions dressed as Jedi knights?


    I got 12 of the Bell Heads… Sorry KR but these are cool and they don’t replicate Dunny’s. The head is plastic and the body is a softer plastic material. The body is different enough, the arms don’t articulate. The designs are simple but bold. I love the outer space monkey and the robot. I do see the similarities to Hula’s 666 Dunny and the Caliente BH but it’s not a rip off. There is some very cool pin striping on the back of his head. I have been looking at these closely and they did a good job. These are cheap! and they did them well for what they are. I have a huge toy collection and these are a fun and I will place them amongst my many other funky toys.

  11. At The M

    They didn’t steal anything! they wanted to emulate and pay homage to popular designs! Artists steal and borrow all the time! What’s so hard about putting a mickey mouse hat on a Mao bust? conceptually cool but C’mon! PoP art folks! we all borrow…

  12. Cho

    I have totally lost all respect for Kid Robot. These are for kids and to top it off KR is only fueling the hype. Dumb move! I remember when my ex girlfriend who screwed me over tried so hard to make me look like the perpetrator. I simply ignored her… She hated that and she went away! Giving in to make this some kind of controversy only promotes what they are doing. KR you should no better! you have a special place in the uv market… We know your stuff, the quality the artists etc. No need to protest a Kid’s Meal! What’s next hitting the play grounds and harassing children with BellHedz? Have fun at your rally. I won’t be able to go because I will be at work. Get a life you guys!!! I’m so bummed about this move.

  13. John B

    jemappellekat??? Are you serious?

    What about Tuesday’s Contest, Dallas Opening, SDCC ’09, People in Line getting free hoodies during releases, Free toys in every on line order and I know people received free clothes on the boards just because.

    Why must KR have to give things away for free? they are a business.

  14. John B

    Mallamas..spoken like you don’t know what’s going on.

    As a couple comments stated above I do not feel this is an “elitist” move or trying to keep vinyl toy collecting out of the main stream (which some will argue has already happened)

    What I feel the real problem is that Taco Bell’s marketing team stole the model design as well as the artist designs (ie. Hula hula, and Kathie Olivas) and pawning it off as something new and cool (which it is neither IMO).

    As for the protest in NYC, from one of the guy’s Twitter pages connected to the Bellhedz they are giving away Bellhedz for free on some corner in NYC. If KR is based in NYC and wanted to do an “anti bellhedz protest” why wouldn’t they do it right next door to where Taco Bell is doing their promoting of an inferior product?

    If TB wanted to do a promo that didn’t steal ideas and product designs from KR and their Artists and did it in BB form I don’t think it would be this big of a deal.

  15. John Mallamas

    Instead of introducing countless people from all walks of life to the vinyl toy scene, you guys want to keep it all to yourselves. It’s like indie music snobs who feel that their music has been compromised when a larger audience is exposed to it. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. No wonder so many people feel the art toy movement is shallow and elitist.

  16. I Heart Cool Stuff » Blog Archive » Death to Fake Vinyl

    […] Maybe I’m being too harsh– as of lately, I feel like KR the company is taking some steps in the right direction. Ultimately, I hate it when people steal other people’s art and ideas. It is a blatant rip-off, and whether or not I believe the company’s made the best choices in their career, I will indeed be supporting their rally. Actually, it seems all of us at IHCS will be there tomorrow. So, if you see us, pose, I’ll most likely be taking a picture. Maybe I should start a Free Hugs sign while I’m there. =D See you all tomorrow. [Via: Kronikle] […]

  17. Mark Jones

    The worst part of this is that the free Taco Bell toys look better than a good majority of the Dunnys on the market.

  18. Kevin

    L.A. needs one too. we have alot of taco bells here so please hold a rally here

  19. caleb

    why is it always new york? please come to portland or seattle!

  20. Bergerbot

    nyc is the perfect place to hold this protest…ill even go to the protest during my lunch-break…ill leave the tie at home and where my freshly bought “pissed boOoya” T-shirt…i encourage children to cut school, even at the cost of truancy, to come to the protest!!

    screw you taco bell!!! (and you too loewe)

  21. emma


    Damn. If it had been on a weekend, maybe I could’ve gone. No fair. I want free swag.

  22. melodreama

    also Loewe I doubt shirts are mandatory, some people might just see them as decent merch. If you want to go all out, I’m sure a sharpie and some recycled cardboard would suffice… also, people would you rather last season’s REAL Marc Jacobs for free or cheap china town knock offs??! just wondering…

  23. melodreama

    The thing that might be lost on all of you anti protesters is that this isn’t just some random act… This particular giveaway’s intent is to divert from Taco bell’s giveaway @ the same time/location.
    Which is, in my opinion brilliant, because anyone who cares or knows anything about urban vinyl won’t even bother with Taco bell’s stand once they realize that they can get the real deal from the pioneers.
    Way to let them know who’s boss KR!!



  25. Loewe

    Are you kidding me! You want us to wear an overpriced $50 shirt to protest and to keep Paul Budnitz rolling in dough! You know they are only handing out Series 5 leftovers. I like vinyl toys, but do not be a SUCKER!
    Why have dunnys been harder to get? So he can get more money per unit. It does not benefit the artist. Because he only sells some of the 8″ in select cities, I have to pay triple on the second hand market. Free the vinyl!

  26. Shockguey

    “Friends don’t let friends collect crappy toys.” Real friends would let you collect whatever you want and wouldn’t bash you for liking something. On that note, you guys should buy some Revoltechs, Transformers or Figmas. They’re all awesome.

  27. Angel

    Man I wish I could be apart of this, but I’m all the way in Arizona. Still a cool rally though! Fight the good fight KR

  28. Mycle2313

    So is KidRobot filing any sort of Injunction or TRO Temporary Restraining Order against Taco Bell? I am sure you can stop their release and possibly be granted a good stoning in the streets of NYC. As they say in the Pace Picante Commercials “Get a Rope”

  29. jemappellekat

    It should be good, IMO… I don’t have to boycott Taco Bell since I don’t eat there, anyway… Have fun everyone that is going…

  30. AKAMI

    Atleast you’re in the same country!

    Us english have none of the fun :(

  31. AKAMI

    Hahah thats brilliant, Death to crap plastic bell headed cheap cash-ins.

    Aside from that I wish this event was happening in London!

    Infact, when will there be a kidrobot store in London! Its not fair i tell you!

  32. JawsofLife

    This isn’t going after another company that is ‘on their turf’. A corporation BLATANTLY store an IP from Kidrobot is trying to pass it off as their own. It’s a pathetic and lazy marketing strategy.

    I mean even if they just changed the legs, the arms, or even the designs! But this is just wrong.

  33. BRiZL

    free dunnies??NYC??? D: damit! i would like to support, but i live in CA! LOL! well, i can still write “death to false vinyl” on a white t-shirt w/ my sharpie. Lettus know if KR LA is doin’ somethin’ similar! :D

  34. Randy

    I see, so if another company starts getting on Kid Robot’s turf, they get marched upon?

    This is stupid and childish, even for a toy company.

    Let’s take down all of the other companies that produce vinyl toys that aren’t affiliated with KR!!!!!

  35. zingo

    God you people will bitch about anything. KR is doing something fun/funny in reaction to something that is funny/stupid to the community.

  36. jemappellekat

    WOW. All this because of Taco Bell? So this is what it takes for KR to give away some free stuff? Nice.

  37. adam

    I agree with you Joe. These are meant for kids… So your all pissed that Dunnyesque toys are going to be in a childrens market? I get the passion because they are similar but this type of thing only makes the promotion look like a success. No such thing as bad publicity! I’m still going to get them for my kids.

  38. JoetheEskimo

    So a bunch of adults will be giving toys meant for adults away to kids? Yeah, fight the power way to go… If all of you just ignored this it would simply go away. your all fueling the hype

  39. WhatThe?

    How about just not buying it? Wouldnt that work better than anything??

  40. rahmat eightyfourcube

    We will be giving away over a thousand Dunnys to show the city of New York what’s a REAL vinyl toy! Wear your  “DEATH TO FALSE VINYL” shirt and join our rally!
    ! — why can’t you do this in Jakarta??

  41. oneangrytoast

    my girlfriend wants them. i cant tell if shes doing it to mess with me or shed actually support such nonsense. either way, send me a box of free dunnies so i can distract her with those, instead of this taco bell shit that i refuse to allow in my home.


    or, do the same thing at the miami location, we have taco bells here too, ya know?

  42. SteveOramA

    I was wondering about this. Can’t you guys do something about the bottom half of those fake toys looking exactly like the bottom half of dunnies/munnies? It’s like they were going that route so people thought that Kidrobot was involved. Man, I wish I could be in NYC for this. I’m all the way in San Diego!

  43. Brian

    *Sigh* NYC is so far away, you guys get all the sweet toy events.

    Portland is all about protests. You’d get 20000 people easy here.

  44. w!L.

    Dammit! Why do all these cool things always happen on a work day, during working hours?! :(

  45. Michael

    I agree with Nick, come to Boston please! In fact open a store in Boston!

  46. Valerie G

    I will be there in spirit for sure! Any chance more shirts will be made and sold in the KR webshop? Then even more of us could get the word out!!!!