Diagram Your Geekery

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Check out this diagram of geekdom by Ibrahim Evsan. It tries to organize us geeks by our characteristics, communities, and obsessions. According to the diagram, vinyl collectors are a merger of the Collector Geek and Design Geek branches, but we’ve got some ties to the Computer Geek and Helvetica. It always comes back to Helvetica.

It’s actually pretty fun to start from the “obsessions” (in red) and work your way back. What kind of geek are you?

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  1. Ashley

    I just find it funny that the font Helvetica is apparently a Geek idol.

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  3. BergerBot

    this geek forgot the very type of geek he is: self-hating geek
    For only a self-hating geek would spend time deconstructing the geek world into castes

    thanks for exploring the meta-aspects of the geek world guy! obsessing about what it means to be a geek is so geeky…but mostly just dorky (why don’t you make a nice diagram about what it means to be a dork! Brilliant!)