DJ Hero Game Intro

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You’ll be spinning Activision’s DJ Hero, a turntable-based take on Guitar Hero, later this month when it hits stores. Until then, check out the intro animation to the game featuring the epic exploits of its club-kid virtuosos.

4 Responses

  1. Schwadling

    this demo looks cool. but i dunno how to feel about the game itself.

  2. Rowan

    I love the animation, and the graphics style is double sweet.

    Im looking forward to this, I hope its gangster!

    Good vibes



  3. FunkShun

    kinda hyped about it…the mixes are dope and the It’s got Grandmaster Flash and DJ shadow in it…not to mention Daft Punk….

  4. SamRockman

    Honestly, this looks rubbish. Guitar hero was fun and gimmicky, this looks like they are cashing in.