Drawing With Andrew Bell At KRNY Wrap Up

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Last night Andrew Bell trekked through the snow to join his many artistic fans for a big drawing party at Kidrobot New York. Creative energy filled the house as Andrew and company doodled throughout the evening, trading art cards back and forth. Andrew also showed a preview of his upcoming Android Mini Series 2. A big thank you goes out to all who braved the wintery weather for the sake of art!

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  1. Robert Holmes

    You can kind of see one of the previews in the background of the picture where he's signing autographs. At least that's what I think it is. may be a DIY…

    Wish I could have been there.

    also, O-No Sashimi looks awesome, nice work Andrew.

    • BTile

      Yeah, it looks like it's a cupcake with sprinkles, and it has a cherry on its head. A sticker in front of him also has a new android design: black with green accents.

  2. Kidrobot

    I believe the Android Series 2 comes out in February or March and O-No Sashimi is due sometime this summer.

  3. BTile

    Do you guys have any shots of series 2 Androids that were previewed?

  4. Paul

    Holy crap, I want that Munny on the table!

    On that note, you guys should do an 8" dunny with Andrew. That style of his, shown perfectly on that Munny, is exactly the sort of dunny needed to break the series out of its rut.

    • TFC

      I asked Andrew at NYCC if any 8"ers are in the making and he said he's not working on anything with KR.

    • Andrew Bell

      Thanks for the nice words Paul. I submitted a nice eastern style Dunny along the lines of my custom Misfortune Cat, but they were not interested. I will probably make a few customs in the future.