Dunny Inspired Bubble Head Dresses

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UK fashion designer, Faye de-Boorder has an addiction to Dunnys and a passion for bright colors. Her latest line of dresses used some of her favorite designs as inspiration including artists: Damarak the Destroyer, Triclops Studios, Koralie, Elisabeth Berdann and Mr. Shane Jessup. With structural assistance by friend and model maker, Mike Cox, Faye teamed up photographer Kathryn Easthope to capture these brilliant creations.


15 Responses

  1. Elly

    This collection will rock graduate fashion week! I need the green dress! Xx

  2. Helen

    Brilliant I love the bright colours so much :)

  3. rebo3

    I cant tell the red one, what dunny is that?

    • Kidrobot

      Click on the name Mr. Shane Jessup above and see the actual Dunny from the Endangered Series.

  4. kate malley

    Fab, original and eye catching…i love this collection, well done x

  5. I<3dunnys

    Well this colelction is going to Graduate Fashion Week, so be prepared to see A LOT more of it :)

  6. Richie

    I see one problem with this fashion – what if you have to sneez ?? Come to think of it drinking or burping might be tough too….. LoL ….. It looks like fun :0)