Dunny Series 2009

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Dunny Series 2009

20 all-new designs from 20 great artists!

It’s Dunny Series 2009!

Dunny is back in 3-inch form and morphed into pop art masterpieces in ways you’ve never seen him morphed before.

Get ready for Dunny editions of Devilrobots’ To-Fu Head Son and Mori Chack’s Gloomy Bear, plus a new bunch of wild figures equipped with the accessories necessary to wreak havoc on your collection.

Keep an eye out for 2 chases that slipped into the line-up, plus Golden Tickets redeemable for an elusive 3-inch Dunny by the NYC-based artist Pon. Not available for sale anywhere!

Each Dunny sold with a collectible insert card starting September 10!

Artists in this series include Amanda Visell, Andrew Bell, Amy Ruppel, Brandt Peters, Dalek, Devilrobots, Gary Taxali, Mori Chack, Huck Gee, Jeremyville, Kozik, Kronk, Luke Chueh, Mad, Pon, Shane Jessup, Shawnimal, SupaKitch, Travis Cain, and Thomas Han.

The Toys

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12 Responses

  1. GroUcyGoriLLA

    Bought 2 Cases at a pre-relese party….woot! got all of them except 1 chase and the GT pon Dunny

  2. MDCN

    Just got back from the trading party in Chicago at Rotofugi and a kid pulled 2 Thomas Hans in his case as well. Me? I was lucky enough to get the Chinese takeout PON, Dalek and drum roll please… a real wood dunny. I’ll be posting images on the KR site soon!

  3. azchick

    I just picked up a sealed case. And I got 2 of the Thomas Han 1/50 in one case. That would actually make it a 2/25. But it is published as 1/50. Was this a fluke, did anyone else get 2 1/50s in one case???

  4. Zyntraxx

    I got the Devilrobots one but in red not blue. I don’t see it anywere on the list. Is it a rare one?

  5. Willem

    Hey guys.I cant wait for the new series.Luke Cheuh Dunny is awesome.Very proud to see south african designer.Go KRONK.

  6. mimicatl

    Hey guys. Anyone in Atlanta? I’m trying to organize a trading party for series 2009. Let me know. Only takes a few people.

  7. xine

    Thomas Han, SupaKitch and Huck Gee Dunnys are my favorites from this series, really cool!

  8. Los

    Great 2009 series!!! and hellz a lot better than those sorry excuse of mexican food taco bell!!!