DUNNYS Make Great Key Chains

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KR’s Social Media Ambassador, Wheelbarrow shows everyone his favorite zipper pull past time, turning DUNNYS into key chains. With a few simple ingredients and a couple easy steps, you too can transform your DUNNY duplicates into key chains.

Kidrobot zipper pulls are not just for zippers anymore. What’s your favorite ways to rock KR zipper pulls and key chains?


1.Carefully poke a hole in the ear with a thumb tack.



2. Apply the zipper pull hardware into the ear.



17 Responses

  1. disniaggaritehurr

    Go to vinylpulse.com and you will see the new series list. This dunny is on that list ;)

  2. erk

    That guy loves to damage (rare/hard to find) dunny stuff. His "typo" set was made using "paint sample" also, but i for one whould have loved to have thos dunnys as the came originaly (blank).

    Keep on killing stash-ol

  3. AshleyElizabeth

    I think it's a fantastic idea, even if holes must be poked.

  4. DrilOne

    I think this was a way to sneak in a new dunny. Better not poke anymore Dunnys ;)

  5. droppixel

    Totally looks like Squink – would be sweet to see him in 2011

  6. Rick

    Hey, can I have the dummy??? Being it just a simple and I’m a VIP member. I will pay for the shipping..

  7. Joonas Asikainen

    That has to be a Squink design – so must to be a 2011 Series sample.. ;)

  8. wigalicous

    Word up !!!! what dunny is that ??? Gotta be a New 2011 … Stop poking holes in new dunnys Man !! use a 2010 first its not fair to us !!!!!!! FOR REAL ! ! ! ! ! !

  9. Paul

    Is that a custom? That's a really cool looking dunny? Why would he ruin it by poking holes in it?