Everyone Loves A Mystery Or Do They

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This somewhat of a Dunny sighting was posted on Twitter yesterday by KR fan and toy collector @wolfchild59. The article was spotted in the Southwest in-flight magazine while waiting for take off.

It makes me wonder what is your view on the mystery shopping phenomenon aka blind boxes?

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  1. ixidor01

    that is why i buy them from the dupes of others instead of buying a blind box but sometimes i treat myself to a case of blind boxes when i feel like getting in a xmas spirit because getting a case is like opening 15+ gifts :)

  2. daniel coon

    For small collections, I love blind boxes. They make me take a closer look at designs I wouldn’t have taken the time to appreciate before. On the other hand, if a set has 20+ figures and I only want 1 or 2, I wont waste my time or money

  3. gwagafa

    makes me wanna know what dunny it was "creepy cartoon villain"

  4. Luke Comins

    Blind packs… Hmmm. One of my favourites are the Lego Minifigures, on the market for a few years now and currently available as Series 4. All 16 figures are epic but it requires standing at the store counter in front of the dispenser and feeling one packet after another until you’ve hit the jackpot! At least Lego have blind packs and the various parts are quite distinguishable. As for items like Dunny’s that come in a blind box… Phwah! Bring back the acetate window so you can see what you’re buying!

  5. kelley

    Hate 'em. Been buying toys for almost ten years and have never got that one I really wanted. Yet, I still try. Guess I'm a sucker.

  6. Angel Summers

    I think it is lame sometimes when certain collectible sets are put out that I am trying to complete but overall I guess they are okay.