Fan Friday: Louie B

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Today, we have a special Fan Friday with our friend Louie B!
Louie has been a big fan of Kidrobot and collecting for the past 4 years which is remarkable since he is only 10 now! We wish we started that young! Louie has a very strong Dunny and Labbit collection that he so proudly displays, but Louie is even stronger than any collection out there. Our big-hearted friend is overcoming brain cancer like a true hero would. We love seeing every kind of Kidrobot collection, but more importantly, we love seeing how it affects people.
Louie, you have an amazing collection sir, and you have one amazing family sending this in to us. We hope that WuzOne Dunny sheds a little more awesomeness to your shelves. You keep fighting and being the amazing hero you are.

Now LOUIE B and his amazing Kidrobot collection.

Comment on our social media post to show Louie some love and if you feel inclined, please donate to childhood cancer research so we can say soon that this cancer was a thing of the past.