Fans Welcome Kidrobot to Dallas

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Thanks to everyone who made the Grand Opening of Kidrobot Dallas so amazing! You saw our account of the event. Here’s yours!

Submitted by Josh Romero

Submitted by Elis Andrada

Just wanted to say Thanks to Kidrobot and to all those who made it happen for us fans! I can’t wait to be there for the next event! Perhaps another long awaited day, one which I’ll surely enjoy.

My timeline: Check out the pics!
10:00 AM: Arrival, not to bad about 15th person in line already.
10:05 AM: Meet and greet the guys who came all the way from Flordia!
11:00 AM: Store opens!! Stoked to be inside!! Got Lucky Fortune Cat!
11:30 AM: Play some games, wasted some time, chit chat with those in line. The couple first in line; from Austin, congrats!!
12:00 PM: Had to move line to other side of building, that was a good thing! If not, major traffic will occur.
Fast Foward >>>> 3:20ish PM: The Baroness shows up with tickets!!! Total in line around that time was ~175ish people
4-5:00 PM: People were still lining up and handed tickets total to ~250+
6:00 PM: SHOW TIME! That line grew probably close to 400-500 people WOW!!! I was number 16 Sooo stoked to get to meet him and have Huck sign!!
7:00ish PM: I get back in line to get my DIY Munny done by Huck.
Fast Foward >>> 9:15ish PM: Last of the Last let inside the store!
9:20 PM: Huck drew me a custom photographer and signed Thanks Huck!!
9:25 PM: Hucked signed and did customs for the great employees of KR Dallas, couldn’t of done it with out all of ya’ll!!! Thanks you guys!!
9:30 PM: Huck signed his last signature on a Subaru STI, these guys came from Oklahoma City for his signature on the fender.
10:00 PM: Head on home for a meal and some needed sleep!!

Submitted by Danielle Williams

It was long hot rainy day in Dallas but it was well worth it. Here are some random pics of the Dallas Pop Up Store and of the one & only Huck Gee himself! Thanks to both of the James for making it a great day!


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  1. Josh Romero

    Awesoooooome! Thanks for posting my video! It’s been a privilege working at Kidrobot Dallas. Come by Mockingbird Station and say what’s up everyone! See you soon!