FriendsWithYou – Artist Profile

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Beware the enchanted, magical creatures and secret charms that inhabit the unearthly minds of FriendsWithYou; they might suck you in like they did us. Kidrobot loves FriendsWithYou!

Established in 2002 by Miami-based artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo “Tury” Sandoval III, FriendsWithYou (FWY) spreads the message of magic, luck, and friendship around the world.

Since its conception, FWY has developed into a fully established multi-disciplinary creative studio. Their work ranges from fine art to commercial design and spans all creative realms. FWY is recognized for their ability to bring magic and imagination to life by creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences, live events, performances, large-scale experiential art installations, playgrounds, pop-up theme parks, as well as one-of-a-kind collector toys and apparel. FriendsWithYou was created with one basic concept in mind, to become Friends-With-You!


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Cloud City – Art Basel MOCA 2004 from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

Welcome to Cloud City, a place way above the Earth where you can run, slide, and play all day. Here you will discover The Boy, an ancient spirit that was sent to awaken all the powers you have locked inside. This installation was created for MOCA @ the Goldman Warehouse during Art Basel 2004.

Soundtrack by Juicy Panic

Skywalkers – Scion Art Basel 2006 from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

Skywalkers, a grand procession on planet Earth, takes flight. Eighteen giant blimps make their way down Miami Beach during Art Basel 2006 led by the Hialeah High Marching Band.

Skywalkers is a celebration of Earth. We invited entities from the vast universe, personified by great artists, to come pay tribute to our new and wonderful planet. Rejoice! Skywalkers are here. This event was made possible by the wonderful people at Scion

Artists involved: FriendsWithYou, Ara Peterson, Misaki Kawai, Paperrad, Mumbleboy, Dave Choe.

Harajuku Lovers – Gwen Stefani from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

A magical world created for the Harajuku Lovers fragrance. This is a fantastical world where each of the girls has their own powers and little friends to complete their magical potion that makes their essence so lovely.

Soul-mates (Fuse) from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

In this lovely crochet journey, our little friend searches for his soul-mate. He looks all over town taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Ultimately he finds what he is looking for. They live happily ever after and find that music is their soul-mate.

Kawaii Island presents “Movie Magic” – Target Live Events from FriendsWithYou on Vimeo.

The cast of Kawaii Island explodes onto the set of their very first animated short. Target commissioned FriendsWithYou to create some bright and beautiful content for their live event spaces in Dallas, Texas, and LA Live. The characters soar through various movie genres, from Sci Fi, to Western, to a Love Scene! Kawaii is so cute. Come and play and stay forever!