Dave White – Artist Interview!

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Artist Interview – Dave White from Kidrobot on Vimeo.

Dave White is a world-renowned oil painter based in Liverpool, UK with a penchant for pop culture, Nikes, and gritty, worn-out stuff. Check out this interview where he talks about the powers of superheroes, oil paint viscosity, and our collaboration on the war-torn toy soldier known as Kidrobot 17, Sgt. Robot.

Learn more about Dave White in his artist profile, or check out Dave White gear on kidrobot.com!

2 Responses

  1. Ernie Grimm

    Thanks Dave. I was lucky enough to buy the 18″ Sgt. Robot and I dig it!

  2. jonpaulkaiser

    Dave White is the man!! His painting is awesome, and he’s a brilliant interviewee!