Futurama Zoidberg and The Simpsons Zombie Bart AVAILABLE NOW !!

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The boys are here! Check out all the hype behind these two devilish delicious vinyls!

The Zombie Bart vinyl is a High Snobiety favorite this year for the SDCC version. Now you can have your own color way too. Check it all out at the Kidrobot.com site! Also check out the Hypebeast choice for Futurama’s Zoidberg vinyl while you are there!

Eat his Brains NOW! Spoon for brains included. Bart looks sick (and undead) in blue 6-inch vinyl.

Ready to eat and be eaten NOW at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers. Zombie Bart retails for $49.99 US

The doctor in the house! Complete with stethoscope accessory, the Kidrobot-ized 6-inch vinyl Futurama Zoidberg will listen to your intestines. If you lose him, look in the nearest dumpster. Super ink squirting Decapodians rule!

Available NOW at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers and retailing for $49.99 US