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  1. cNTSC

    KR may have been nice back in the day. but with growth of the shops comes growth of the 'head' i suppose. their prices are astronomical!!!!! hoping tht some lil' tike that heard about kaws etc. will get their rich mums & daddies to buy em a $1,000.00 companion. WHA!?!?! an this is from someone who used to be a regular shopper @ their NYC spot. all of the sudden they have a clothing line. they expand their shop, raise their prices by 500% and POOOF!!! youve got another BAPE. played out. i feel for the artists that dont see their markup money. SHOP AROUND COLLECTORS!!! THEYRE ARE BETTER PRICES OUT THERE. from a new york point of view at least…

    EXCELSIOR! haha [sp?]


  2. kawaiidchan

    um are there more pics? am i missin somethin??? wat new gloomy product is this!! i wanna knoooo

  3. highonvinyl

    is this going to be astronomically overpriced like the Gloomy Bear 8″ Dunny that all the stores keep having to mark down?

  4. 666ways2love

    Looks like a smaller and overpriced version of the 16" ABS plastic version that comes directly from japan