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  1. Daniela Diniz

    Que lindo ficou o dunny de madeira!!! Um charme!!! Eu quero!!!

  2. kenrith

    took KR a while to jump on board using wood. still think Noferin do it best.

  3. Bergerbot

    I heard rumours and have seen a photo that the Travis Cain Series 2009 dunny is made of wood….1/100!

  4. todddevolder

    oh man… P L E A S E make this an entire series! Make a wood Munny too!!

  5. jonpaulkaiser

    Oh man, I’d love to paint one of these, leaving loads of raw wood areas!

  6. pandabandit12

    I really hope this is what i think it is! i’ll find out next wednesday…pre-release/trading party at Dragatomi!

  7. Bergerbot

    cherry wood would’ve been pimp…but i reckon this’ll do

  8. Greg Deezey

    is this apart of the 2009 series, a guy doing the dunny hunt, had a drawling of a wooden dunny with a saw??

  9. NotNotARobot

    These would look hot done up with different wood stains and laquer.

  10. Naderoni

    omfg that’s awesome…. i’d totally shell out good money for this!

  11. Scottie magro

    I love it because I can paint it with more of the kind of paints I have….I like this more then the plastic ones!!!

  12. geofries

    why dont you make one out of wood it wouldnt be that hard lol, just gotta know how to use the tools and use a normal dunny for measurements. but still badass

  13. Ms. Meche

    Holy crap that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.