How To Strip A Dunny By Jared Cain

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Customizing extraordinaire, Jared Cain aka Nikejerk has put together a do-it-yourself time-lapsed tutorial of his tried and true method of how to strip a Dunny in preparation to customize. It takes a few select ingredients: acetone, primer, fine grit sandpaper (320), rags, a Dunny and a little elbow grease. Be sure to have a well ventilated space to work in and it also helps to use a respirator and gloves.


*Parental Advisory: music contains explicit lyrics.

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  1. creativecat1313

    Awesome video. Is there a trick to taking the heads off the three inch dunny? Every one I've tried to remove has broken the head joint off.

    • Nikejerk

      The boiling water is totally not necessary. It will work but seems to me to be too much trouble. All you need is a hair dryer. I use a heat gun which is just an industrial hair dryer and I use it to set small pieces of sculpey too. Heat up the head to the point that it's really soft, and use something to pry off the head. I use an old dental instrument but a small screw driver would work or something like that. You might even just be able to pull it off. It's really hard to melt or burn the vinyl so just keep heating it up until it get's really soft.

    • phxsun

      I just put em outside for a bit (I live in Phoenix Arizona) That works too

    • Tommy Lincoln

      Oven on 200 for 10 mins, also this time works to makes cutting the vinyl a hell of a lot easier.

  2. KingMoony

    Anybody know the name of this song? it sounds like Kid Cudi…

    • KingMonny

      never mind, got it. It Ashin' Kusher by Kid Cudi if anyone wants to know

  3. Nikejerk

    YES! I may not emphasize the safety measures you should take but it is important to wear gloves and work in a ventilated area. Thanks for posting the video Ryan!!!