Huck Hunts Down Koalataur the Outkast

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Master toy-ninja and b-boy Huck Gee drops a set of 10 Koalataur the Outcast customs this Friday at noon PDT! (Huck claims Koalataur is all liontaur, but we swear he’s got some Munny in him.)

Keep an eye on his ebay store to ensnare one of these $800 legends before they escape.

Alright, Huck’s got a new one for ya… Koalataur the Outkast. But before you all go jumping to the obvious conclusion, Koalataur does not actually have any relation to a Koala. He was born a Liontaur (AKA a wemic, urmahlullu, lion-man) but due to the strange coloration of his fur was labeled an outcast at an early age and banished from his tribe. Koalataur being one of the nicer names he was called, it stuck, and his legend was born. Stalked for his one of a kind pelt, he is constantly on the move, alone in a land of mistrust, traveling the jungles, rooting for answers to his lonely, confused world.

Going on sale this Friday, July 24th, at Noon PDT. Each figure is signed, numbered and comes with shown accessories. Due to the nature of the materials, some differences should be expected in each figure. 10 figures in this set, $800 per figure.

Limit one figure per customer.

3 Responses

  1. degoya

    Love it! Wonder what the regular liontaurs look like…
    HUCK ROCKS! \m/ [>_<] \m/

  2. JayJayFool

    Damn i HATE Huck for making soooo many toys i want soo bad!!