ISO50 On Breaking The Creative Block

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Whether it’s creating the next great MUNNY or writing that paper for English class, we’ve all encountered writer’s, or creator’s, block before. You feel helpless as you stare at the blank screen or page or toy, unsure of yourself and what to do next.

ISO50 quizzed designers, photographers, and illustrators including the likes of Audrey Kawasaki, Invisible Creature, and Mike Perry, on how they cope when the block threatens their creative process. Some surf the web, some take a walk, one even cooks a nice meal. Most seem to think taking a break and exposing yourself to new, interesting things can get you out of a rut.

What do YOU do when you can’t create?

6 Responses

  1. David Edwards

    I have my best ideas in the night-time… I think mixing and chilling out with creative mates helps alot as well!… When we are working on the "Candy The Magic Dinosaur" series, Luke Hyde brings his sketchbook and pens to the pub and we storm ideas!!!!!…

  2. jonpaulkaiser

    I've recently started carrying a moleskine around with me so any time I get inspiration, I jot it down before I forget.
    If I need to come up with an idea and I'm hitting a wall, I often will sit down, have the work sitting next to me and watch a film that I've watched a few times before so my mind can wander a little without having to 'force' it. When I come back to the work I feel refreshed and inspired.

  3. Ramiro Olmos

    I drink absinthe, and then take a nap. Sometimes, just take a nap, and let my subconscious speak to me. It works great for me.

  4. Belinda Cantu

    Ideas don’t come from nowhere, so yes, you have to feed your brain. You can have a walk, that clears your mind. I also like to go to the local markets, malls, art exhibits and even watch people down the street to see some new tendencies. And as you stumble upon new experiences you also find solutions to existing needs.

    Like the other day that I went to an office supplier and saw those cushions you use to support your laptop when you’re sitting, right? They cover the need but some of them are not very aestethic and you can’t carry them around. So I am thinking of a much more stylish design because I’m an industrial designer myself.


    When my creativity is frozen, sometimes I start to make repetitive patterns, especially circles and/or berry-shapes (called "pokeroot" by the creators of Zentangles®). Then I seem to loosen up and flow into other designs. Sometimes I start to write a single word in different fonts or different languages or colors.