20 Responses

  1. Erik

    NO URL :( Btw can u save a hat for me <3 ima get a visa after school!! lamo

  2. Miguel Martinez

    Hella cool
    ahah imma stop by the pop up
    store in Dallas ;D

  3. ERJ

    well that link seems to work but I can't add anything to my cart for purchase. I give up.

  4. Mary

    checkout doesnt work at all…….no sale for everyone i guess. i keep getting a NOT FOUND url

  5. BOOOOO!

    site seems to work but no button to add anything to cart for purchase =[

  6. Kidrobot

    Sorry about any problems you might have had shopping the sale earlier today. We got it back up and working properly now.

  7. Andrew

    the boxes for sizing, quantity, color, and add to cart are missing from the site for me. I have tired firefox opera and internet explorer. I have also updated java, MS silverlight, and adobe flash. WTF is wrong with your site. My friend can access but i can not. WTF is with the shitty site?

  8. ERJ

    I can't access the site either, it keeps asking for a username and password. WTF!?

  9. Farcical

    I can't access the sale. It wants a username and pw. That's messed up :|

  10. David Edwards

    Going to have to get some KR t-shirts this summer!!!!!…

  11. Aknite named Melz

    KidRobot is where its at… I feel da love .. its one da few brands out there that I feel really loves their customers