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  1. Ryan

    1. Munny
    2. Munny
    3. golden ticket dunny
    4. Sarge Monger
    5. lisa simpson
    6. smorkin labbit
    7. mini monger
    8. Munny

  2. MochaProductions

    I see about 100+

    Mostly Dunny 3″ (only missing Series1 and a few GT)
    Some 400% Bearbricks
    Complete Series 12 BearBrick Collection
    Star Wars x Pepsi Japanese BearBrick 50% Set
    Dunny 20″ Touma
    4 Cusom Munny’s

    There’s a lot more in the other room!
    Have a great day people.

  3. +oddivision

    37 – in my cubicle at work. i surround myself with inspiration!

  4. KMC

    Only three right now,two of which I just created. The rest of my customs are on exhibition and at my retailers. I miss having them all around me.

  5. eric

    i’m in the office.
    and currently facing a 4 inches godzilla, a crawling 1.5 inches soldier toy, and a big tube of soldiers.

    a poulette toys. and a spiderman water squirt a bonus from cereal.

  6. Amethystcape

    From exactly where I’m sitting, only 3 minis on my desk. But behind me…10. A lot more in boxes, however.

  7. akn220

    200 or more. If I found a place for my whole collection it’d probably be something like 500.

  8. Jay

    55, not including what’s inside the GI Joe Collector case and collection of extra Dunnys

  9. JAD

    not enough…only 58…1 Custom Kanye Bear, 1 Signed Snoop Dogg Vinyl, 1 Mega Munny, 1 Dape, 1 Fast, 1 Blink 182 rabbit, 1 evil skater, 4 Futuramas, 28 Dunny’s, 6 Potatoe Heads, 2 Alfred E Newmans, 1 original stay puft marshmallow man (1984), 1 original Gizmo (1984),1 Dancing Homer, 1 Jimmy hendrix, 1 Blind Reaper, 1 Rat Fink, 5 Munny’s in the customizing process

  10. starmunki

    i stopped at 185…i think it’s over 200 though.
    i have a problem.
    (especially with little vinyl creatures)

  11. Josh G

    A few hundred. Mainly Dunnys, and qees with some customs ive made,Michael lau’s, trexis, Kozik, sket, Mad and others. BOOM

  12. Maite

    13 including a Labbit , Dunny , Munny , mini munny , kozik & a potamus!

  13. LuxCrawford

    I see 5 dunnys, 5 labbits, 2 transformers bumblebee toys, and a remote controled R2D2.

  14. J. Buddha

    I count 16, 6 mini dunnys, 4 peecols, the tiger and graffiti 6in dunnys along with the fatcap that came with graffiti dunny, then a kozik clam and hot dog, and a KR keychain

  15. Locotoy

    too many to count but some kidrobot soome muttpop some BXH and some misc
    Yeah I am lazy!

  16. Savy Diggs

    159. Just opened 6 cases & the few 8 inchers that happened to be in this room

  17. JMDawg333

    4! Three Custom Munnys, one McDonalds Happy Meal Lollipop Guild Munchkin. And about 80 right behind me on a shelf!

  18. deadlemming

    about 250-300. stopped with larger ones at 80 and didn’t want to count all the 3inchers, so it’s just an estimate ;-)

  19. Rebecca Valentine

    including Dunnies, McDonald’s Halloween happy Meal toys, Creature from the Black Lagoon action figure and stuufed universal monsters…and that is just within view in my living room!

  20. Mycle2313

    Oh this will be fun. Since i am in my home office i can only see total of 101+:

    48 Mighty Muggs (Marvel GI Joe Star Wars & Transformers)
    Full set of (7) Star Wars Funko Boble Heads including the SDCC Storm Trooper
    Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider Man Funko Bobble Heads
    Set of the 626 Stitches from SDCC
    Extra Shane Jessup Gold Lucky Cat Still in the Box
    SDCC White Zero CElsius
    Original Black Celsius from SDCC
    Full Set of 5 Thomas Han Pushers (Nice Work I have to add)
    A Full set of the Super Awesome Bic Buddys
    Grand Master, Student, Babies, etc from House of Liu
    Ninja & Screaming Chan Symbiotes from SDCC
    Some Talking Elmo that Dances (my 18 month old Baby Girls)
    My Wifes Custom Munny (SUPER SWEET)
    Mezko Hell Boy from SDCC 1 Displayed and 1 Extra in Box

    Wow i have a alot in the office. The Dunnys however are all displayed in the Cases down stairs. This was Fun. Sorry to take up so much room just got carried away…..

  21. Craig Madigan

    32.. from where I’m sitting.
    More if I was in the livingroom.

  22. Mike Franco

    Around 2,000 toys…….can you believe they all fit in my office?

    And this is just one room….I have 3 others just like it

  23. eec007

    12 at work. some labbits, a dunny, toy cars (r/c for cubicle funness), and some halfsies

  24. Conor M.

    20 (various duplicates from S5, British and S6) dunnys, 1 6 inch vinyl gloomy bear, 2 care bear plushes, 1 BlackBerry Curve (awesome toy).

  25. ricardo

    if had the ability to see trough walls i could see 35 toys.
    i have a dalek’s spacebot sticker on my computer. a kozik’s mongers too. and one kidreaper from a shirt i bough hanging on my monitor. does that counts? =B

  26. stepdown

    Just one, my Series 2 3″ Deph Dunny is the only guy I bring up to uni.