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  1. JaSoN

    would like to live in the past about 3 years ago when the KR forum worked and they CARED!

  2. Monopato

    The future is definitely going to be more fucked up than today, and I love the present to much to go to the past. So I’d say just the near past so I can get myself early Labbits and Mongers easily!

  3. degoya

    1870-1900s, turn of the century. Impressionism, absinthe, Darwin, Tesla, light bulbs, cars. Everything changed.

  4. Walter

    1950’s, Capone/Dillinger time period. Rob banks, shot tommy guns, and dress sharp.

  5. pandabandit12

    I like the present…there’s a lot of horrible ish going on, but that’s inevitable because humans will always make it that way…but i love this age of information! we have the whole world at our fingertips!

  6. BergerBot

    early 90s
    then i can come out with all the rap songs that i love before the artists who actually made them did…id also come out with KidRobot before Paul Bunditz

  7. David Edwards

    Early 90’s as I now know how important it is to have a cool website :]

  8. Laughing Boy!

    The 1970s, cos the personal politics, music, and comics were like nothing we’ll ever see again. Everything changed.

  9. Jr Strong

    I would live in the past around the 1960’s and 70’s around the Hippie Era when everybody was chiefing…lol…and living a happy and good life. When everything was peace and love. :)

  10. Bri

    The present. I want to see what my future holds. I’m pretty glad my past is behind me.

  11. beeapes

    i would most DEF have to be a Lady fLapper gangster in the 1920’s Chicago era~!

    with a shiny tommy gun ╦╤─ !!

    it’s my favorite kind of gangster

    i really think i might be a reincarnation of al capone!

  12. Tanya

    The present. I’m starting to become more fond of it. With the decisions I’m making, I’d like to see how it will shape my future.

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  14. Peat USA

    Dood….like 1984. Best year ever…Pac mac, Micheal Jackson, Silver spoons, Jordon, Parachute pants, Beverly hills cops, SNL rocked…can I say more?!?!?!

  15. Clarke

    The roaring 20’s before the world wars. When it was filled with speakeasy’s and flappers.

  16. Alynn

    I would like to grow up in the late 60s/early 70s. Everyone cared about what was going on politically, they stood up for their beliefs and risked arrest!!! Also, the music was bitchin!!

  17. trimike

    1980, I was 8 years old! Wish I could stay 8 years old forever! Just playing with my Star Wars Action Figures! Sweet